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Laser Machines Category

Different Models of Laser Machines For Various Industries And Applications

After 12+ Years of high-speed development, we have innovated more than 100 different laser models for various industries and applications.

Co2, fiber, and UV are the three main resources of laser. Each type of laser source can deal with different materials and cost differently. And each unique industry has its specific cutting or marking requirements.

To achieve the best effect as well as the balance between cost and return on investment, all KASU team members provide you with the following laser machine categories.

Laser Machines Category

Laser Cutting Machine With Top Canon Camera - KD Series (9)

Laser Cutting Machine With Small CCD Camera - KX Series (5)

Non Vision Laser Cutting Machine With Conveyor Table - K Series (3)

Non Vision Laser Cutting Machine With Fixed Table - K Series (7)

KSDT-1812 Hot Iron Template Plush Digital Cutting Machine (1)

Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutting Machine (2)

How We Support Your Business?

Direct Factory Supply

All the above-mentioned laser models are manufactured by our own factory.

Machine quality will be guaranteed, which is a key factor to your business success.

Direct factory supply also means you will get the best price and then gain the highest ROI on the laser machines you purchased.

CE and FDA Certifications - KASU LASER 2
CE/FDA Certified

All KASU Laser models are manufactured with super high-quality control procedures and all pass the CE and FDA certifications.

Our laser machines have been exported to 50+ different countries, including Germany, USA, England, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Mexico, Brasil, etc.

You can meet any kind of safety requirements your local government may ask you by taking KASU laser machines.

7-15 Days Fast Delivery

We have a big warehouse storing popular laser models and for those models, it only takes about 3 days to make the delivery.

For all the above-mentioned laser models 7 days is enough.

And for other customized models if you want us to OEM or ODM for your specific applications, 15 days delivery time will be needed for redesigning your machine structure and purchasing extra spare parts.

KASU Laser Team-After Sale Service Team
Prompt After-Sale Support

We have several professional after-sale service engineers who can speak fluent English, providing you with machine installation and training services.

For software problems, we can connect with your computer and help you solve the problems immediately by remote control software and chatting IM software.

And for hardware, we have prepared very detailed step-by-step installation and maintenance videos and manuals for you. And our engineers also can help you instantly by video chatting.

OEM/ODM Service Available

We understand that different industries have their specific cutting or marking requirements and our current models may not be able to satisfy all the needs.

But we have a very professional development team consisting of optical, mechatronics, and software engineers, who can provide you fast and professional OEM and ODM service for free.

Our OEM Services
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