• K1390-F 1390 Laser Cutting Machine - KASU Laser
  • Glass Co2 Laser Tube
  • Water-Cooling Laser Cutting Hea
  • Ruida Control Card and Panel
  • K1390-F 1390 Laser Cutting Machine - KASU Laser
  • Glass Co2 Laser Tube
  • Water-Cooling Laser Cutting Hea
  • Ruida Control Card and Panel

200W K1390-F1 Laser Cutter And Engraver

KASU Laser’s 200W K1390-F1 laser cutter and engraver can cut and engrave on thick non-metal materials like acrylic, plastic, wood, plywood, paper, etc. with super high precision and speed.

  • Supporting 20MM Thickness Acrylic Cutting
  • High Accuracy and Precision Cuts
  • Powerful Control Software Meet Different Industry Needs
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Low Initial Machine Investment
Thick Materials Fast Cutting
Stable and 24 Hours Running
Energy Saving & No Consumables
Low Maintenance Cost

Fast Laser Cutter Cutting Thick Materials Solution

The beauty of the Co2 laser cutting is that it is incredibly versatile with suitability for different types of materials. And the 200W K1390-F1 laser cutter is becoming more and more popular because of its excellent performance in cutting thick acrylic and plywood.

And super low initial investment and low maintenance cost make it ideal for individual startups and industrial applications.

Video Cover
Working Area 1300MM*900MM Software KASU
Laser Type Glass CO2 Laser Tube Working Speed <1000 MM/S
Laser Power 200W Power Supply Requirements AC220V±5%   50Hz/60Hz 1Phase
Heads of Laser Single Head Format Supported AI\BMP\PLT\DXF\DST
Dimensions with Wood Package 2*1.77*1.32M Positioning Accuracy ±0.1MM
Gross Weight 550KG Operating Temperature minus 10℃~45℃
Motion System Stepping Motor Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling System 5200 Industrial Water Chiller Total Power <1.5KW (Excluding exhauster)

Smart Laser Control Software

While using KASU 200W K1390-F1 laser cutter, only CAD design files are necessary, and you can design at your wish. The smart laser control software can make the whole cutting and engraving process highly automatic.

Smart Control Card and Panel - KASU Laser
Water-Cooling Laser Cutting Module

Reinforced Water-Cooling Laser Cutting Module

Due to the high power and hot temperature of the 200W laser beam, the reflective mirrors and focal lens need to be cooled by water. KASU laser’s special-designed reinforced water-cooling laser cutting module ensures our cutter achieves an impressive level of precision and supports 24 hours of running.

Sealed 200W Glass Co2 Laser Tube

The Sealed 200W glass Co2 laser tube is one of the consumables for Co2 laser cutting machine. But the Made-In-China Co2 glass tube’s ROI is super high. One 200W laser tube can last for over 2 years based on 8 working hours per day. And it supports up to 20mm thickness acrylic fast and high precision cutting.

200W Sealed Glass Co2 Laser Tube


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Cutter
  • Testimonial
    Dallas Thompson
    Dublin, Ireland
    KASU make sure to manufacture durable machine, provide prompt service support with their well-trained technical personnel. Very professional and technically competent. We really appreciate this company. Will definitely order again.
How KASU Support Your Business

How KASU Support Your Business

KASU Laser is a reliable and trustworthy laser-cutting machine partner. With our constant innovations, we will continue to provide world-class laser equipment and better service for global customers. We have 5000+ global cases, a high market reputation, direct factory supply. All machines have passed ISO, CE, and FDA quality management standards and can be customized to your specifications.

 Strict quality control, 7/24 after-sale service, and support OEM/ODM. 

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