Custom Lace Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu produced a wide range of high-efficiency and well-manufactured lace laser cutters for your business. It can cut different lace materials precisely and fast.

These machines guarantee long-term stability and good performance.

  • Powerful position cutting functions
  • Automated, stable, and 24 hours running
  • High productivity and high speed
  • Continuous feeding and cutting
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KASU Lace Laser Cutter

The lace cutting system is designed specifically for cutting warp knitting lace, embroidered lace, and more. It’s a fully automated machine that combines a lace feature recognition algorithm with Kasu self-developed vision software. Integrated with a high precision Top Canon camera system that can recognize & follow the lace transformation. Equipped with professional controlling software for easy operation.

Kasu lace laser cutter provides unique cuts, clean, and good cutting edge. Consistent performance even in complex and simple cuts. Using this machine ensures the most effective techniques to reduce waste and ensure that all lace resources are utilized.

OEM and ODM machines are provided to meet your specific needs. Our company provides efficient production, and 7-15 days fast delivery. We are available 24/7 for reliable online assistance. Message us today!

Why Choose KASU Lace Laser Cutter

High Cutting Speed
High Cutting Speed

Kasu designed a lace laser cutter machine with 0-600mm/s cutting speed. It can be customized depending on your request.

Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate

Lace laser cutter is easy to operate. It has powerful control software, automated function, and auto-position camera laser cutting equipment that can cut with higher precision.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

Our team of expert support full customization for your laser cutting machines to meet your unique demands. Complete service and 24/7 assistance.

Energy Efficient
Manpower Saving

At least 5 manual cutting workers can be replaced by using our lace laser cutting machines. It is fast cutting which enhances your productivity and efficiency.

Lace Laser Cutter Specifications

  • A high-precision top Canon camera system
  • Intelligent professional controlling software
  • Integrated circuit design
  • Big cutting area
  • 0-600mm/s cutting speed
  • Imported core parts ensure long-lasting operation
  • Fume and dust extraction exhaust and filter units
Lace Laser Cutter Specifications
Lace Laser Cutter Function

Lace Laser Cutter Function

Lace laser cutters are used to cut lace or embroidery fabric. It is equipped with Kasu’s self-developed smart vision software and top Canon camera system, which can realize graphic position cutting. The vision software will analyze the photo taken by the high-resolution camera and generate the cutting path for the laser to cut.

These machines are ideal for lace textiles due to their adjustable and flexible features, which consume little power, and are non-contact lasers. It can handle much larger pieces of lace material, large runs of a design, or other high-volume production.

Lace Laser Cutter Applied Range

Mainly used for lace cutting ideal for making:

  • Fashion cloth
  • Wedding dress
  • Curtains
  • Tablecloths
  • Lace underwear
  • Screens
  • Sofa cushions
  • Mats
  • Other decorative warp lace
Lace Laser Cutter Applied Range

Professional Lace Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Professional Lace Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China
Professional Lace Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

KASU has 12+ years lace laser cutter machine production experience. For your lace laser cutter machine need in China, you can rely on us. We can skyrocket your business by producing highest quality machines with all the advantages. Our range of lace laser cutter provide perfect cutting edges, smooth, different patterns, lengths, etc. These are easy to use, energy saving and low maintenance cost.

Whether you’re a supplier, distributor or a custom clothing factory that require a high-precision and high-speed cutting machines, KASU is your ultimate manufacturer. We support OEM and ODM to satisfy your specific requirements. All machines undergo strict quality control from material classifications, production and delivery. These are compliant to FDA, CE, ISO certifications. Thus, guarantee a reliable and long-lasting operation. Definitely increase productivity and offer low labor cost.

Please contact us right away for more details or request a free quote.

Custom Production Lace Laser Cutter

KASU specialized in custom lace laser cutter production. Our high-technology equipment and techniques allow us to develop the latest and most automated laser cutting machines for various lace applications. You can ensure compact design cutting machines for all kinds of lace. You can request the following:

  • different vision software version
  • machine width
  • numbers of laser heads
  • laser tube power
  • working table
  • active feeding structure if needed
Benefits Using KASU Lace Laser Cutter
  • Excellent cutting efficiency
  • Precision cutting without hair brim
  • Real production line, feeding & scanning
  • Consistent and uniform quality
  • Products with high added value
  • Highly efficient one-button production
  • Provide lower labor costs
  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Super low maintenance expenses

Laser Cutter Machine for Different Lace Fabrics

French Alencon Lace Laser Cutter Machine
French Alencon Lace Laser Cutter Machine

Our laser cutter provides high-speed, high-efficiency, and precision cuts to french Alencon laces.

  • Shorten your production lead time
  • Low cost of manpower
  • Low initial machine investment
Corded lace laser cutter machine
Corded Lace Laser Cutter Machine

KASU can manufacture lace cutter machines suitable for corded lace. This lace is an elegant match fabric with a lovely botanical pattern. Used to create:

  • bridal fabrics
  • evening gowns
  • cocktail dresses, etc.
Beaded Trim Lace Laser Cutter Machine
Beaded Trim Lace Laser Cutter Machine

Beaded trim lace is a fabric material embellished with beads or sequins. It can be produced in a range of colors and sizes. You can cut it precisely using our laser cutting machines to design:

  • wedding dress
  • necklace, sleeves, and necklines
  • flower and tassel
Applique Lace Laser Cutter Machine
Applique Lace Laser Cutter Machine

Discover high-performance laser cutter machines for cutting applique lace materials. These machines can work properly, with high precision and speed, and have excellent power stability. It consists of:

  • CNC controller
  • Automatic laser system
  • Create everything you need in real-time
Chantilly Lace Laser Cutter Machine
Chantilly Lace Laser Cutter Machine

Chantilly Lace is a light and delicate material that can be elegantly designed using laser cutter machines. You can create unique and beautiful:

  • wedding gowns
  • cocktail dresses
  • fancy blouses
Embroidered Net Lace Laser Cutter Machine
Embroidered Net Lace Laser Cutter Machine

You can easily cut and produced fabric products out of embroidered net lace using our laser cutter machines. These machines offer:

  • high cutting precision
  • easy to operate
  • intelligent design and structure
Elastic Lingerie Lace Laser Cutting Machine
Elastic Lingerie Lace Laser Cutting Machine

Designed comfortable and unique fabric products made from elastic lingerie lace using a high-quality laser cutter. It can produce:

  • sport bras
  • lace underwear
  • high-end bodysuits
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Your Reliable Lace Laser Cutter Supplier

KASU is a leading lace laser cutter machine supplier for more than 12 years. All machines provide high cutting speed, extreme precision, and consistency. Your intelligent laser equipment one-stop solution in China!

  • “I highly recommend KASU for the highest quality lace laser cutter machines. All machines we received are in good condition with extreme cutting versatility. These machines ensure high-productivity and high accuracy cuts in my factory.”

  • “ My company really enjoys working with KASU. They managed quickly and accurately custom requests and provide reliable after-sale services. All machines are durable, simple to use with powerful software.”

  • “KASU is my #1 lace laser cutter supplier. This company offers 7-15 days fast delivery time, direct factory prices machine, and 7/24 after-sale service. They never disappoint my expectation. For an expert and professional lace laser cutter support, KASU is the one.

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