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Kasu is a professional manufacturer of 100w laser cutter which is an awesome CNC laser cutting system to cut different types of materials.

It is the prepared choice for industrial equipment for making advertisements, shoes, toys, and many more.

  • FDA Certified
  • Have a powerful fan for smoke extraction and fumes
  • Offers high speed and durability
  • Suitable for cutting small and big items

Customized 100W Laser Cutter from | Kasu

Kasu is a leading supplier of a 100w laser cutters that provides a complete installation package, easy to operate and convenient to use. The 100w laser cutter is openly and used in different places including workshops, labs, production centers, and so on. It is available in a robust design to remain very accurate after many years of use.

We can provide a 100w laser cutter that is made from high-quality raw materials. With 12 more years of experience in manufacturing, we always ensure that all of our laser cutters can give high speed in production process. We offer OEM and ODM service, and 100% after-sales support with CE and FDA certified.

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100W Laser Cutter Advantages

High Speed
High Speed

Our 100w laser cutter can offer high speed, especially when used for different industrial applications. It is available for small to big sizes laser cutters.

High Quality
High Quality

The 100w laser cutter is made from high-quality CNC machined parts to ensure durability and can provide lifetime services in manufacturing.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Kasu manufactures 100w laser cutters that can easy to engrave and cut different materials and components. it helps to reduce labor costs and helps to build up a production.

Energy saving
Energy saving

100w laser cutter can provide fast speed in production but offer lower power consumption. It is ideal for small or even big businesses that need laser cutter machines.

100w Laser Cutter Features that Offer

We manufactured a 100w laser cutter that offers different features that are suitable for a lot of applications including:

  • 10,000+ long hours duration of 100w glass laser tube
  • Offers updated controlled board to give accurate currency adjustments
  • Have a long life belts and rails
  • High-quality long-life optics
  • Have a USB port to connect to engravers
  • Offers CNC machined parts to give durability guaranteed
100w Laser Cutter Features that Offer
100w Laser Cutter Features for Different Applications

100w Laser Cutter Features for Different Applications

The 100w laser cutter is suitable for different applications. It is ideal to process the following

  • Textile and Leather
  • Plexiglass and Plastics
  • Wood, Bamboo, Rubber, and Paper
  • Advertising and Signmaking
  • Artcraft and Architectural Modeling
  • Sewing Products Related
  • and more

Why choose 100w Laser Cutter from Kasu

The 100w laser cutter, which has a peak power of 130w, belongs to a popular machine for medium to large production companies and workshops. It is also the most efficient to use to run large production and custom projects. These machines are applicable to many industries and can give the best quality results after a production process.

At Kasu we can give a 100w laser cutter that is easy to operate and it has software that can be used to switch to different languages for an easy understanding of the machines on how to use them properly. We are available 7/24 online service and offer a 7-15 days fast delivery time.

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Why Choose 100W Laser Cutter from KASU

Kasu – Your Trusted 100w Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu – Your Trusted 100w Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Kasu – Your Trusted 100w Laser Cutter Supplier in China

As a trusted provider of laser cutters, we make sure that it provides a lot of advantages. It has a narrow cutting seam, high precision, high speed, and smooth cutting edges. Our laser cutter can meet the demand need in different applications.

We can offer a customized laser cutter to meet your specific needs. It is available in different power options, sizes, designs,s and more. We have a professional after-sales service team and professional engineers. At Kasu, we offer short lead times for delivery from the factory.

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Different Benefits When Using 100w Laser Cutter

As a manufacturer, we consider that our 100w laser cutter can offer a lot of benefits including:

  • Has a DSP-based controller for offline work
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Has a high-speed motion unit
  • Provide precise micro-stepping drives
  • Can give best quality result
  • Has complete accessories for better performance
  • And more.
Premium Pro-line Version of 100w Laser Cutter

The 100w laser cutter has a premium pro-line version with complete accessories such as:

  • It has a maintenance tool kit
  • One year of warranty
  • Optional rotations module for round objects
  • It has an air-conditioned water chiller
  • Optional fume purifier is available
  • And so on.

Custom 100w Laser Cutter to Enhance Your Business

100w Laser Cutter for Fabric
100w Laser Cutter for Fabric

We manufactured a laser cutter for fabric that has an advanced and mature DSP control system which the function of powering off memory. It has a glass laser tube with a strong and fine laser beam for engraving and cutting soft materials including fabric.

Our 100w laser cutter that is used for fabric can offer fast cutting and engraving in fabric. This machine adopts high-precision motion modules and guide rails, to work stable and help to give high-quality precision materials.

100w Laser Cutter for Leather
100w Laser Cutter for Leather

Kasu provides a 100w laser cutter for leather which is mainly used for cutting and engraving little artistic works for industrial applications such as the shoe industry, cloth industry, decorations industry, leather industry, trademark industry, etc.

Our 100w laser cutter for leather is programmable. It is a machine that are operator friendly, environmentally friendly, economically friendly, and uses one of the most popular laser powers.

Wood 100w Laser Cutter
Wood 100w Laser Cutter

The wood 100w laser cutter has a CNC laser cutting system that adopts a CO2 laser source to cut and engrave different types of wood such as hardwood softwood, bamboo, MDF, plywood, solid, and many more.

Our laser wood cutter is easy to engrave and cut wood using a CNC controller. The laser cutting technology in this machine adopt non-contact cutting that helps to minimize cutting deformations and can avoid cracks in the woods.

Plastic 100W Laser Cutter
Plastic 100W Laser Cutter

We manufactured a plastic 100w laser cutter that offers a lot of advantages such as a narrow cutting beam, high precision, smooth cutting and offer high speed when it comes to operations.

Kasu offers plastic 100w laser cutters that are available in different sizes and applications together. It is a machine which is can give lower power consumption and can give fast cutting and engraving in plastic materials.

100w Laser Cutter for Paper
100w Laser Cutter for Paper

100w laser cutter for paper is a type of machine that adopts high strength metal plate frame and a more scientific design which can increase the strength by more than 40% to prevent machine from distortion, especially for long time work.

The 100w laser cutter for paper belongs to our latest generation of laser cutting and engraving control systems. The control system of this machine can provide better stability, high-pressure resistance, and anti-static properties of interference.

Acrylic 100w Laser Cutter
Acrylic 100w Laser Cutter

The acrylic 100w laser cutter has the latest controller which is the heart of the laser machine. It also has an air compressor to ensure that the lens of the machine can be protected against contamination and to prevent flame formation when it comes to cutting and engraving.

Kasu acrylic 100w laser cutter can be automatically and electrically adjusted up and down. Our acrylic 100w laser cutter is equipped with a high-precision motor and driver systems. It is suitable for different industrial applications.

Skyrocket Your Business with 100w Laser Cutter from Kasu
Skyrocket Your Business with 100w Laser Cutter from Kasu

Kasu always ensures to give high quality with great performance 100w machine that is suitable for different productions process. We provide 100% sale support, short response time, and fast lead time with full Certification.

  • “Thank you so much Kasu for giving me a chance to purchase your products for my business my customer really like them including the 100w laser cutter.  I will always choose you Kasu.”

  • “Your 100w laser cutter is very easy to use and provides a high speed when used in my facilities. I really love it. Thank you so much Kasu and to your team.”

  • “I am very happy with your  100w laser cutter it is very convenient to use. Thank you for making an easy-to-use and accurate system for my business Kasu.”

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