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Kasu is a top-edge leading professional laser cut sign manufacturer. It creates unique shapes for advertising signs, POP displays, corporate signage, LED advertising, and so on. Get laser-cut signs and turn-key solutions to expand your business with us.

  • Powerful and replicate designs rapidly
  • Handle large-scale signage projects
  • Precise and clean results
  • Customize material shape, thicknesses, and size
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Your Laser Sign Cutter Manufacturer in China

The laser signage cutter is a high-performance laser material processing technology. Powerful, precise, and capable of replicating designs. It works faster, is simpler, and more profitable. Thanks to CNC integration, the equipment can cut signage and etch unique designs almost endlessly. They can handle large-scale and smaller-scale signage projects.

Kasu laser signage is equipped with high-performance components. Control system, hybrid servo motors, air cutting system, to name a few. It generates cutting acrylic logos, high-resolution pictures, and other creative artwork. Fast ROI of your business when you choose Kasu laser cut signs.

KASU Laser Sign Cutter Features

Safety Features
Safety Features

Powerful laser cutter for signage features some safety elements. Fume blowers, automatic lubrication systems, and safety lighting to name a few.

Quality Results
Quality Results

Kasu laser cut machine signage is built to produce clean, smooth cuts and etchings. The system guides laser depth, movement, and direction.

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Our laser-cut signage provides speed and precision. The system boosts productivity since more precise parts are made. Faults are kept minimum.

Endless Customization
Endless Customization

With Kasu laser signage, you can produce excellent designs for all forms of signage. It can handle nearly any material, shape, and thickness.

Kasu Laser Signage Multiple Application

Kasu laser cut signage system is ideal for all types of engraving, etching, and cutting work. It is ideal for one-off, small-series, or batch production. The equipment excels in a variety of materials and applications.

  • Acrylic. it can both engrave and cut on acrylic and can cut up to 20mm thickness acrylic.
  • Wood. it works with a wide range of woods, including maple, birch, bamboo, MDF, and more.
  • Fabric. it can cut all types of fabric signage and can position cut printed one with high accuracy.
  • Plastic. the laser-cut signs can engrave plaques, trophies, and so on.
  • Leather. it can customize leather goods, including bags, jackets, etc.
  • Paper. is used for the precision cutting of paper and cardboard. It can also engrave signs or inscriptions.
KASU Laser Signage Multiple Application
High-Performance Laser Cut Signs Accessories

High-Performance Laser Cut Signs Accessories

Kasu can complete your laser-cut signs with a wide range of accessories. It guarantees maximum productivity and fulfills all your safety and comfort requirements.

  • Smart Control Software and Camera System– can be piloted with internally developed CAD software and Vision software
  • Optional Rotary Device – engrave around a circular item
  • Cutting Table – honeycomb, blade knife, and conveyor belt table available for different applications
  • Optional Up and Down Table – if you have projects with big-sized height to engrave or cut, you can choose the adjustable up-and-down table to satisfy more clients’ needs.
  • Hybrid Servo Motion System – brand motion system will achieve optimal results during laser engraving or laser cutting.
  • Laser Tubes and Optical Lenses – you can choose different power of laser tubes to satisfy different materials of different thicknesses.
  • Exhaust System – sit beneath the laser, protecting users from dust and smoke
  • Air-conditioned Water Chiller – An automatic water temperate controller will give your laser tube better protection and will enable the tube to operate more stable and have a longer lifetime

Custom-Made Laser Signage Turnkey Solutions

Our laser-cut signs can handle various tasks, small or large-scale projects. If necessary, it is capable of rapidly replicating designs. Added revenue to your business.

Depending on your design, you can get your photos and vectors ready for the laser cutter. Your design should be handed in as a digital file. Then, we can resize your file in the maker space to fit your material.

Kasu team has extensive expertise in designing laser solutions – for your business, material, and your needs. Whatever your laser-cut signage needs, we deliver the right unit.

Custom-Made Laser Signage Turnkey Solutions

Why Choose KASU Laser Cut Signage

Why Choose KASU Laser Cut Signage
Why Choose KASU Laser Cut Signage

Kasu leads in laser signage production for more than 12 years. We offer direct factory supplies with laser sign cutters. From design, and development, to delivery, we provide a one-stop solution for your laser signage. You will get an intelligent laser-cut equipment solution for your business.

With high production capabilities, Kasu can fulfill your production requirements. Holding a high market reputation, we can execute the best laser-cut equipment solution. All devices met CE, FDA, and ISO standards. It complies with the required precision, productivity, and efficiency. Need a custom solution? Please contact us today.

Laser Cut Sign Distinctive Advantages

Using a Kasu laser cutter for your sign shop or business has some distinct advantages. These laser machines provide more precision and versatility than contact tools.

  • Non-contact with materials. there’s no tool wear, can always expect constant laser quality results.
  • Extreme cutting versatility. the sign can be laser cut to any size, shape, thickness, and material.
  • Unrivaled precise cutting. It can cut and engrave with extreme precision. the edges are crisp and flame polished.
  • Low power consumption. Cutting sheets consume less energy.
Kasu Laser Cutter Support and Services

We, at Kasu, provide a one-stop-shop solution for your laser machine needs. Depending on your production requirements, we can bring an intelligent unit. Plus, deliver more revenue streams to your business.

  • High production capacity. We can manufacture a series of units for your demand.
  • Controlled quality. The entire manufacturing process adheres to industry standards. CE, FDA, etc.
  • OEM service. There are more customization options you can find for your machine. Send us the layout.
  • After-sale support. Our professional after-sale service team offers 100% support, 24/7 available to give fast response.

Laser Sign Cutter Recommended Materials

Laser Sign Cutter Acrylic
Laser Signage Cutter Acrylic

Kasu laser signage cutter makes sophisticated, multi-dimensional acrylic signage. It can cut sheet material up to a thickness of 20 mm quickly. Ideal for architectural signs, banners, custom letters, dimensional lettering, etc.

Laser Sign Cutter Wood
Laser Sign Cutter Wood

We specialize in high-quality wood signs laser cutter manufacturing. Our laser system can produce a three-dimensional look with laser-cut letters for stunning signage boards. It achieves unrivaled levels of intricacy.

Banner Cutter for Plastic
Signage Laser Cutting Plastic

The signage laser cutting for plastic has high precision, cleanliness, and efficiency. It produces a clean laser polished edge on plastic. Engraving settings can make a variety of laser engraving products such as door signs.

Laser Sign Cutter Fabric
Laser Sign Cutter Fabric

The laser sign cutter for fabrics offers enormous design possibilities. It works well with a variety of sign fabrics. Cutter can cut plain or printed fabric material quickly and effectively.

Laser Sign Cutter Leather
Laser Sign Cutter Leather

Kasu laser cut signs for leather have adaptable substrates that can lead to a slew of lucrative applications and opportunities. It’s extremely quick, precise, and consistent. There is no part-to-part contact.

Laser Sign Cutter Paper
Laser Sign Cutter Paper

The laser can cut and etches a variety of materials for signage, including paper. It gives the laser-friendly paper excellent results. Carefully selected to generate a high level of color contrast. Available in different hues.

Grow Your Business with KASU Laser Cut Signs
Grow Your Business with Kasu Laser Cut Signs

More than 12 Years of Professional Manufacturing Experience. Intelligent Laser Cut Signs Solutions. Unrivaled Precision, High Productivity, Simple To Use, High ROI. Full Certifications. 100% After-Sale Support.

  • “With polished cut edges, the laser sign cutter allows for efficient and optimized serial production. With all of our machines, we also place a premium on quality and customer service. That is why Kasu has been chosen as a long-term partner.”

  • “We needed a partner that could help us on a long-term basis as our consumer inquiries became more specialized. The Kasu laser cutter for signage is capable of handling all lighting technology applications. It is great for all business types, printing shops, etc. Would highly recommend Kasu.”

  • “The Kasu laser cut signs helped us to boost turnover because of its significant features. As the requisite product quality and the needed production speed increase, we need a high-performance laser cut system. This device thus contributes to the growth of my business.”

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