Professional Leather Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

If you’re looking for a high-quality commercial and industrial laser leather cutting machine for creating custom or personalized leather patches,

leather purses, leather earrings, and leather bracelets, you can rely on Kasu laser cutters. All are certified and affordable machines.

  • Enhance your product quality
  • Perfectly cut various leather materials
  • Material saving
  • High Efficiency

Custom Leather Laser Cutter for Your Business | Kasu

Kasu automatic leather laser cutter is a CNC laser cutting machine that uses a CO2 laser tube to etch, engrave, and cut various types of leather. It works with different leather materials such as nubuck suede grain leather, genuine leather, corrected grain leather, etc. It has a uniform cutting result, unique interactive design, and doubled processing efficiency. These guarantee a cost-saving operation and increased productivity. The design and graphics can be made utilizing a computer. It has a simple and convenient operation, precision cutting and powerful position cutting functions.

Kasu is a professional leather laser cutter manufacturer for many years. Our machines ensure high-quality leather products for your business. Whether you need a custom leather laser cutter, we can manufacture it according to your specifications. Message us today!

Why Choose Leather Laser Cutter

High Quality
High Quality

All laser technology we manufacture is certified to CE, FDA, ISO certification, and more. These undergo strict quality control before delivery.

Adjustable Settings
Adjustable Settings

Kasu leather laser machines are easy to operate featuring an intelligent control software systems with high speed, stability, and anti-interference ability.

Extensive Applications
Extensive Applications

Our laser cutting machines are ideal for various leather materials in all shapes, designs, and cutouts in advertising, light industry, arts and crafts industry, etc.


With our knowledgeable R&D team and engineering team, we can produce custom laser machines in no time at a very affordable rate.

Laser Machine to Cut and Engrave Leather

Laser engraving and cutting are extremely popular in the leather industry. Leather products are incredibly durable, cost-effective, and have a high perceived value ranging from fashion accessories to promotional items, etc.

Kasu leather laser cutter provides elegant yet affordable logo branding, personalization, and carefully cut leather materials to improve and create added value. No matter what your specific machine requests, you can rely on us.

Laser Machine to Cut and Engrave Leather
Leather Laser Technology Advantages

Leather Laser Technology Advantages

  • A consistent high cutting speed for increased productivity
  • Precise, clean, perfectly sealed edges and reliable cut
  • Incredibly fast, eliminates warping
  • No part-to-part contact means no blades or costly parts to replace
  • No time wasted clamping down leather for processing
  • Cut down on manpower and labor costs manifold

Suitable Leather Materials

Our laser leather cutting and engraving machines are utilized for processing all types of leather.

  • Genuine leather
  • Natural leather
  • Full-grain leather
  • Top grain leather
  • Suede leather
  • Artificial leather
Suitable Leather Materials

Kasu – Trusted Leather Laser Cutter Supplier from China

Kasu – Trusted Leather Laser Cutter Supplier from China
Kasu – Trusted Leather Laser Cutter Supplier from China

Kasu provides high laser power in laser machines for different product processing. We’ve been creating outstanding quality laser machines for more than 12 years. Our comprehensive support provides easy integration of the laser cutting process. It has an automated and high-speed cutting workflow without manual operating steps.

Our leather laser cutting and engraving machines will help you achieve the proper form, pattern, and cut in the shortest amount of time. Whether you’re making huge or little cutouts, our machine is the perfect device you can trust on.

Kasulaser company has a wide range of leather cutter machine models that meet diverse industrial requirements. These feature a single head and are equipped with intelligent functionalities of laser cutting and engraving processes.

High efficiency and high accuracy to improve the productivity of industries need high production capacities. These machines are compliant with FDA, CE, ISO, etc. As your leading manufacturer, we guarantee excellent leather laser cutting machines for your business. Contact us today!

Various Types Of Leather Products

Due to leather versatility, it can be engraved or cut to develop various beautiful leather creations such as:

  • Bookmarks, ornaments
  • Briefcases & portfolios
  • Guitar straps, Purses & handbags
  • Hat patches, Pet collars
  • Headbands, shoes
  • Bracelets, necklaces, etc.
Custom Leather Laser Cutter

Kasu specialized in manufacturing custom leather laser cutters.  We can manufacture all types of leather laser cutters depending on your requirements. You can request any custom size, color, surface treatment, design, and features.

We can also etch your logo on the machine to satisfy your OEM/ODM needs. Our high-technology factory in China supports rapid prototyping and mass production. We have a 7-15 days short lead times delivery. Message us right away.

Custom Leather Laser Cutter for Your Business

Custom Leather Laser Cutter Machine
Custom Leather Laser Cutter Machine

Kasu is a professional custom leather laser cutting machine manufacturer for more than 12 years. Our machines are widely recognized for delivering various advantages:

  • Saves time, material, and money
  • No materials fixation required
  • Non-contact process
  • Provide detailed designs
  • Clean cutting edge
Custom Leather Laser Engraver Machine
Custom Leather Laser Engraver Machine
  • High precision and high-speed leather engraver machine
  • Precise process, allows you to create complex patterns
  • Controlled by computer software, beams are powerful enough
  • Perfect cutting and engraving
Printed Leather Laser Cutter Machine
Printed Leather Laser Cutter Machine
  • Together with the camera system to guarantee high-precision cutting of printed leather
  • Quality results without even having contact with the PU leather surface
  • No maintenance, low-cost production
  • You can create and print and cut any design or pattern
Applique Laser Cutting Machine For PU Leather
Embroidered Leather Laser Cutter Machine
  • Camera system and vision software applied to conduct edge cutting of embroidered leather designs
  • Automatic CNC laser cutting machine with CO2 laser tube to etch, engrave and cut
  • Give full play to motion control performance and laser processing effects
  • Uniform cutting results and high processing efficiency
Leading Leather Laser Cutter Manufacturer
Leading Leather Laser Cutter Manufacturer

KASU has supplied a wide range of leather laser cutter machines for over 12 years. Laser cutters offer easy operation, easy maintenance, and high ROI. These will shorten your production lead time, high speed, and energy saving. Message us today!

  • “It’s amazing working with Kasu. They provide great leather laser cutters at a very cost-effective rate. All machines are literally made from quality materials. These are functional, no-defect, and automated.”

  • “My business has greatly improved since I cooperated with Kasu. They are a reliable supplier of leather laser cutter machines. Their machines and services satisfy my requirements. Thank you, Kasu.”

  • “Kasu never dissapoints my expectation on laser machines. The leather laser cutter machines are elegant, high quality, reliable, high speed and offer high precision cutting.”

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