Your 150w Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a trusted and responsible manufacturer in China. We perform various manufacturing procedures to satisfy our customer’s necessities.

You can count on our instant responses and assistance whenever you need them for your business. We ensure constant supplies with our high production capacity.

  • High speed
  • Applicable for various materials
  • High efficient
  • Fully automated

Custom 150w Laser Cutter

The 150w laser cutters are composed of high-standard components. They are equipped with power pressure and temperature control systems. These laser cutters with 150w power come with sheet metal that adopts laser welding techniques. With such alloy, they have resistance to tear and wear. We manufacture them with high-performance design, durability, and easy operation. Additionally, various affordable connected machines and accessories are available in Kasu.

Kasu provides 150w laser cutters that precisely cut various materials, like wood, acrylic, leather, plastics, fabrics, etc. Numerous industries benefit from our offer of low-cost but high-quality cutting machines. We assure you that our 150w laser cutters perform with consistency and accuracy. 

Let us know your details, and we will do customization processes immediately!

150w Laser Cutter Characteristics

High Tech

Kasu designs 150w laser cutters that are highly automated. It provides speedy cutting operations without errors. Using these high-tech cutting machines decreases labor cost yet heighten efficiency.

Safe Operation
Safe Operation

The laser cutters with a capacity of 150w come with primary protection, preventing unauthorized usage. They also have built-in air that automatically blows away dust, debris, sparks, or smoke.


With a power of 150w, the laser cutters can cut different materials in various thicknesses. Regarding speed, these laser cutter works better than traditional cutting methods. Speedy but has accurate outcomes.


Using adaptable laser cutters combined with about 150w power increases productivity. It can cut various materials with different shapes and dimensions. Changing tools to separate cuts is not required.

150w Laser Cutter Capacity

Kasu customizes laser cutters with 150w power that cuts non-metallic materials. These laser-cutting machines can cut or engrave acrylic with up to 20mm thicknesses. Kasu made these automated machines with a combination of high-power and satisfactory resolutions. 

Excellent prototypes and superb finished products are formed with their functional components. Kasu manufactures these cutting machines using high-quality raw materials, providing durability and resistance. Therefore, 150w laser cutters for business surely enhance your sales or production efficiency.

150w Laser Cutter Capacity
Why Choose Kasu as Supplier

Why Choose Kasu as Supplier

Kasu owns advanced equipment used for manufacturing laser cutting machines with different capacities. We guarantee fully certified devices, ideal for business supplies. Our company also keeps the high market reputation. Kasu constantly supplies high-performance and budget-friendly series of 150w laser cutting equipment.

Moreover, we provide satisfying assistance from prior-sale to after-sale services. Kasu is also a trusted manufacturer of over a thousand clients globally. So if you are looking for high-standard quality yet cost-effective laser cutters for business or facilities, especially with 150w power, communicate with us now!

Kasu 150w Laser Cutter Benefits for Business

The 150w laser cutters are one of the in-demand equipment in the markets. Due to the following benefits, your business will indeed level up. 

  • High-quality performance
  • Price competitiveness
  • A wide range of applications
  • Ideal for cutting thick materials
  • Can process numerous materials at low costs
Kasu 150w Laser Cutter Benefits for Business

Kasu - Your Reliable 150w Laser Cutter Supplier

Your Reliable 150w Laser Cutter Supplier
Your Reliable 150w Laser Cutter Supplier

Kasu supplies energy-saving, strong resistant, and high-speed 150w laser cutters even for your production facilities. We guarantee CE, FDA Quality approved pieces of equipment offered. Our over a decade of experience ensures accurate customization cutter details. You can trust our service team to process your requests and delivery. Additionally, Kasu specializes in OEM and ODM assistance.

The advantageous capacity of 150w laser cutting equipment makes them in demand for various industries. We provide a one-stop laser cutter solution for your business. Our company has professional workers and an after-sale service team, providing satisfying services. 

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us right away!

150w Laser Cutter Functional Components

Kasu 150w laser cutting machines have components that enable easy and high-powered performance. However, we customize the parts and features you need for projects.

  • Optional honeycomb, knife blade, and conveyor working table
  • Different effective working areas for different applications
  • Optional single or multiple laser cutting heads
  • Air-conditioned water cooling system
  • Strong smoke exhausting fan
  • All-round safety covers available
Industrial Application of 150w Laser Cutter

Various 150w laser cutting machine designs suit different applications. Kasu is expert enough to provide accurate specifications, making them beneficial for industries, like:

  • Advertisements
  • Arts & crafts
  • Shoes and bags
  • Automotive interiors
  • Embroidery and printing
  • Carpets and mats
  • more

150w Laser Cutter for Various Materials

150w Fabric Laser Cutter
150w Fabric Laser Cutter

A heavy-duty 150W laser cutter machine makes quick cuts through sheet fabrics. The following states their capacity:

  • Vast popular production for fabric materials 
  • Provides neat sealed cuts
  • Efficiently cut thick fabric material

Utilizing a laser machine with 150w power turns a simple product into masterful variations- ideal for sewing product industries and businesses.

150w Fabric Laser Cutter
150w Leather Laser Cutter

Using a 150w laser cutter avoids leather lumps and uneven shapes. Also:

  • It can cut and perforate complicated designs.
  • Cut leather that is used to make items specifically for bags, shoes, and belts.
  • Cutting leather material with exact and consistency

Because of this leather-cut laser, the possibilities for increased production are limitless!

150W Wood Laser Cutter
150w Wood Laser Cutter

The 150w laser cutting machine can cut woods up to 10mm thicknesses, making them beneficial for various projects. Consider the following.

  • A tool for almost all materials
  • The laser process is fast and digital.
  • It can cut through solid wood panels, wood veneers, plywood panels, and more. 

You can cut your wood panels amazingly with the 150w laser cutters. With their advantages, most craft and construction industries use them.

150w Plastic Laser Cutter
150w Plastic Laser Cutter

Laser cutting plastic with about 150w power provides high precision, and speed guarantees mass production even on complex structures. It can also:

  • Modify patterns and designs
  • Gives a smooth and fine edge with negligible heat area concern
  • Ensuring a stunning quality products
150w Paper Laser Cutter
150w Paper Laser Cutter

Paper Laser Cutter with a power of 150w gives unimaginable possibilities to papercraft industries.

  • High-precision cut on every edge
  • Shows particularly exquisite and delicate curves
  • Designed for high-efficiency production 

Include 150w laser cutting machines to your business, for they can process a variety of projects, making them in-demand on markets.

150w Acrylic Laser Cutter
150w Acrylic Laser Cutter

150w Acrylic Laser Cutter gives numerous advantages for business.

  • It completes customers’ complicated, smooth, and well-pleasing expectation 
  • High on speed and provides a high throughput on productivity
  • Relatively effective and can ensure the best product in a short period. 

Kasu also provides this user-friendly machine with a manual guide for instructions.

Kasu- Trusted 150w Laser Cutter Provider in China
Kasu- Trusted 150w Laser Cutter Provider in China

Kasu is the preferred manufacturer by a thousand customers worldwide. We can provide 150w laser cutters according to your needs. Expect quick response and satisfying support from our service team. Choose Kasu now!

  • “In our factory, we need a fast and reliable laser cutter. And amazingly, Kasu meets these requirements and provides a high-quality 150w laser cutting machine. Thank you, Kasu!”

  • “With Kasu, our requested laser cutter arrived in excellent condition. We always trust their efficient delivery service on time. And with that, we never encounter unnecessary problems with our products demand.”

  • “Kasu’s customer service was beneficial in our purchases and clarified what our company has been concerned about. Trusting in their technology gives us a high production rate.”

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