Felt Laser Cutter Machine Manufacturer in China

KASU is an ISO-certified felt laser cutter manufacturer in China. We supply a wide range of laser machines

that can cut the fabric into any desired pattern shape. It offers high performance at a very economical cost.

  • Perfectly cut smooth edges
  • Precise cutting
  • Powerful position cutting functions
  • Low cost of manpower

Custom Felt Laser Cutter for Your Business

Kasu designs felt laser cutter that can cut textiles and fabrics into various sizes and shapes sustainably and efficiently. It can also cut complex internal patterns on large and small cutting scales. Fabrics can be laser cut to create amazing visual effects and haptic surface structures. The thin laser beam is focused on the fabric surface. It significantly raises the temperature and allows for cutting via vaporization.

Whether you need to produce precise cuts or refine felt, our laser cutters and engravers provide a wide range of material processing options. Thanks to the precision of our laser machines, even the tiniest features and patterns may be applied with great care. It offers a non-contact procedure that is gentle on the material.

Kasu is a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer in China. We support more than 5000 clients worldwide and continuously developed quality machines for your projects.

Contact us for your specific felt laser cutter requirements.

Why Choose KASU Felt Laser Cutter

Quality Assuranc
Quality Assurance

Our company source the best metal and components to assemble a high-performance felt laser machine. These are certified by various industry standards.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Our machines are equipped with intelligent cutting software. Import the graphic vector format into the software, adjust the cutting speed and laser power then press start.

Cut Complex Designs
Cut Complex Graphics

The laser does not make contact with the felt during the cutting process. The cutting slit is narrow, allowing for graphic processing of different vector formats.


Kasu specialized in providing fully customized laser machines depending on your specifications. We create your design and idea.

Laser Cutters in Felt Processing

Felt is a low-cost, multi-purpose fabric that works well with laser machines. Felt is a flat textile structure made out of disordered fibers. Wool from sheep, as well as chemical and plant fibers, can be used to make felt. This material can be processed rapidly, easily, and accurately. It results in a unique range of design possibilities:

  • garments, letters
  • keychains, DIY flowers
  • Bags, placemats, Christmas trees,
  • Patches, handbags, computer bags,
  • Small and large felt ornaments, etc.
Laser Cutters in Felt Processing
Kasu Felt Laser Cutter Advantages

Kasu Felt Laser Cutter Advantages

Using KASU felt laser cutter will offer you various advantages such as:

  • Maximum precision and optimal results
  • Fraying-free precision cut edges
  • High throughput rates ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Dust buildup is minimal, requiring minimal cleaning effort.
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Used to cut complex graphics/designs
  • Engrave various patterns, logos, and brandings

Customized Machine Design

Being a leader in this industry, Kasu has a strong ability to custom manufacture laser cutters based on customer specifications and applications. We can modify or revise our machines to meet your requirements.

You can request the size, color, design, and features of the machine. We can etch your logo on the product to skyrocket your brand. You can specify the laser power, cutting speed, engraving speed, etc. Our OEM and ODM service is guaranteed for clients’ convenience and high production efficiency.

Customized Machine Design

Kasu – Trusted Felt Laser Cutter Machine Supplier

Kasu – Trusted Felt Laser Cutter Machine Supplier
Kasu – Trusted Felt Laser Cutter Machine Supplier

KASU is a qualified China laser cutter supplier for more than 12 years. We can manufacture laser cutter machines suitable for processing both small and large felt products. This machine can be fitted with two or four laser heads for increased processing efficiency. Choose from our tube-welded table for an economical solution and plate-welded table for heavy-duty application.

We have a skilled engineer team to satisfy all of your bespoke requests and our overseas after-sale service team will provide prompt and professional service for you.

All our laser machines are guaranteed high-quality and high-performance. It provides perfectly smooth cut edges and multi-cutting functions. These are certified by FDA, ISO, CE, and more. Many clients trusted us and we gain a high market reputation with more than 5000 global cases.

We have 70+ self-owned intelligent properties and patents. Our company offers short lead times delivery in just 7-15 days. For your custom machine requirements, please contact us immediately. We have 24/7 online assistance to support your needs.

Get Profit From Our KASU Felt Laser Machines

Versatile Applications

Many different types of felt in various thicknesses can be treated rapidly and effortlessly. This machine can be used for engraving different patterns, logos, brandings, or any personalized design on felt materials.

Gentle and Highest Precision Process

Laser processing is contactless. Therefore, it is not only mild on the material but also allows for work in all directions without material modification. The utmost precision is always present in this process. Whether you work on complicated or complex felt designs, you can ensure the perfect process with smooth edges.

Felt Laser Cutter

Using a laser cutter to cut and engrave felt is substantially faster than using a traditional process. Furthermore, no tools are required to fix or treat the material. As a result, there are no ongoing costs associated with regular tool replacements and wear, and occasional maintenance. This enables you to boost the efficiency of your production.

Four head felt laser cutting machine - KASU Laser

Kasu laser cutters and engravers provide efficient work processes for a broad array of fabric materials quickly and accurately.

Multi-cutting heads and an auto-feeding conveyor table are recommended for massive order production.

It provides user-friendly operation, high throughput speeds, and maximum cost-effectiveness. This machine offers a high return on investment.

Custom Laser Cutter for Cutting Non-Metal Materials

Plain Felt Laser Cutter
Plain Felt Laser Cutter
  • Cut plain felt fabrics into sizes and shapes efficiently
  • Achieve incredible finish and edges
  • Non-contact process is gentle on the plain felt material
  • Finest details and patterns cuts with great attention
Foam and Composite Felt Laser Cutter
Foam and Composite Felt Laser Cutter
  • High focal length lenses can cut 10mm+ thicker foam and composite felt materials
  • Dual or four cutting heads can be installed in one machine to achieve faster production.
  • Almost no dust accumulation means minimal cleaning effort.
  • Lowest maintenance and more flexibility
Print Felt Laser Cutter
Print Felt Laser Cutter
  • A camera system is installed for the precise cutting of print felt materials.
  • Edges that are not frayed (cut & seal)
  • Optimum results and maximum precision
  • Particularly user-friendly
Embroidered Felt Laser Cutter
Embroidered Felt Laser Cutter
  • The Canon camera system or CCD camera system can be adopted for cutting embroidered felt patterns.
  • High detail artwork finish and perfectly cut edges
  • The laser’s precise accuracy achieves great consistency and control
  • High throughput rates enable maximum efficiency.
Your No.1 Felt Laser Cutter Machine Supplier
Your No.1 Felt Laser Cutter Machine Supplier

KASU – One-stop laser machine manufacturer and supplier for more than 12 years. Reliable products and unparalleled services to boom your business. All machines undergo strict quality control and passed international certifications such as FDA, CE, ISO, etc.

  • “Kasu never failed to satisfy my custom felt laser machine requirements. Their customer services and after-sales are unmatched and amazing. They will support you from the start until the completion of your purchase. The machines work well and affordable.”

  • ” I really enjoy working with Kasu for developing a felt laser cutter machine for my business. It improved productivity and reduces labor and costs. Thank you, Kasu!”

  • “Thank you, Kasu for a dependable felt laser cutter machine.  The machine offers high performance, stability and durability obviously construct from high-grade metal and components. It provides high precision cutting and engraving.”

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