Professional Toy Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a laser-cut toy machine manufacturer that offers high-quality, reliable process, and precise cutting. It is suitable for different materials such as textiles, acrylics, wood, and more.

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Flexibility for different applications
  • Creative and productive machines
  • Can be customized according to your requirements

Custom Laser Cut Toy Machines for Your Business

Kasu offers custom laser cutting machines for toy production. The machines are designed to provide consistent high-quality cutting. Our toy laser cutting machines can offer burr-free edges. Thus, post-processing operation is not totally required.

Our machines can provide you maximum efficiency in toy manufacturing because of their simple operation and high throughput rates. Kasu offers custom laser-cut toys according to your requirements.

We offer factory direct supply machines and cost-effective rates. OEM/ODM services and designs are available to meet your needs. All our machines are guaranteed to have controlled quality, multi-functional, extreme cutting versatility, and precise cutting.

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Why Choose Kasu Laser Cut Toy Machines

Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology

We manufacture toy laser cutting machines with advanced technology to ensure clean and quiet laser processing.

Reliable Operation
Reliable Operation

Our laser-cut toy machines are designed with a contactless process and wear-free operation for reliable toy production.

Maximum Flexibility
Maximum Flexibility

With our laser cutting machines, you can cut and engrave different parts and fine patterns with maximum accuracy.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

Kasu offers laser cutting machines that are easy to use for making the exact toys as you designed by our smart high-precision laser control software.

CO2 Laser Cutter for Toy Production

Kasu offers a high-precision CO2 laser cutter for cutting and engraving materials to produce a variety of toys. These machines offer contactless and ultra-high precision processing methods. It can also cut and engrave a variety of materials such as wood, textiles, plastic foils, acrylic, and more.

With CO2 laser cutters, the materials for toy making are not clamped. Therefore, you can assure that this machine can cut materials even with the most complicated details with minimal waste and breakage.

CO2 Laser Cutter for Toy Production
Toys that are Produced Using a Laser Cutting Machine

Toys that are Produced Using a Laser Cutting Machine

Due to the flexible processing of our laser cutting machines, it can produce different toys such as the following:

  • Model planes are made by cutting a balsa wood
  • Invitation cards made from cutting paper
  • Teddy bear by plush fabric
  • Model railway by acrylic
  • Toy balls by PU leather
  • and more.

Advantages of Our Laser Cutting Machines for Toy Industries

Our laser cutters are manufactured to provide advantageous processing to toy industries.

  • Complicated cuts with minimal material damage
  • Doesn’t fray and offers precise cut edges
  • Performs cutting and engraving
  • Can process a variety of material
  • Less material wastage
  • Easy to operate and manpower saving
  • Affordable price and low maintenance fee
Advantages of Our Laser Cutting Machines for Toy Industries

Your Premier Toy Laser Cutting Machine Supplier in China | Kasu

Your Premier Toy Laser Cutting Machine Supplier in China | Kasu
Your Premier Toy Laser Cutting Machine Supplier in China | Kasu

Kasu is a qualified laser-cut toy supplier from China with full certifications from various international industry standards. Our laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting children’s toys or model kits. With its fully automated function, our laser-cut toy machines can cut different materials efficiently and quickly.

These machines are also cost-effective, precise, and accurate. Kasu has been the leading supplier of laser-cut toy machines that offer high production capacity, controlled quality, and a high market reputation.

We have more than 70 self-owned intelligent patents and properties. Each machine can be customized to suit your job, space, and requirements. Our professionals and engineers will work closely with you to meet your requirements.

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Laser Cutting Machines for Creating an Added Value in the Toy Production

With our laser cutting machine technology, you are able to cut materials with delicate details at a very cost-effective price.

This machine can cut different materials to produce toys such as building blocks, construction toys, board games, school supplies, and more.

Rest assured that these machines can provide precise results. Aside from cutting, our laser cutting machines can also provide classy design elements engraving.

Materials that Can Be Cut Through Laser Cutting Machine for Toy Making

Our laser cutting machines can cut a wide range of materials to produce toys such as:

  • Acrylic
  • Plastics
  • Wood / Plywood / Bamboo / MDF, etc.
  • Leather / PU Leather
  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Fabrics

Different Laser Cut Toys Using Kasu Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cut Plush Toys
Laser Cut Wooden Toys

Kasu offers laser cutting machines that can satisfy wooden toy cutting requirements.

  • Can cut different wooden materials with a maximum 10mm thickness.
  • Can be equipped with multi-cutting heads to multiply the production
Laser Cut Stuffed Toys
Laser Cut Acrylic Toys

We provide laser cutting technology to integrate numerical control, computer specialization, and more.

  • Cutting through and engraving on the acrylic surface at the same time will make your acrylic toy fancier
  • A CCD camera system is needed for position cutting printed acrylic toy patterns.
Laser Cut Soft Toys
Laser Cut Paper Toys

Kasu has a wide range of laser cutting machines for paper toys with different laser tubes.

  • Honeycomb table or conveyor will be recommended
  • Can perform both cutting and engraving on different paper materials
  • Powerful hybrid-servo motors ensure fast cutting and engraving
Laser Cut Plush Toys
Laser Cut Plain Fabric Toys

The plush toys laser cutting machines will be recommended with material-auto-feeding conveyor working table and multi-laser cutting heads. And suggested laser tube power is 130W-150W.

0MM pattern space of laser cutting can help clients save at least 8% of plush materials compared with die-cutting machines.

Laser Cut Printed Fabric Toys
Laser Cut Printed Fabric Toys

The dye sublimation and screen printing technology make the fabric toy more vivid and realistic.

With the small CCD camera system or top Camera system, the fabric toy laser cutter can realize high accuracy position cutting of printed patterns.

And the smart laser control software makes the whole material feeding,  pattern recognition, and laser cutting a fully automatic and continuous process.


Plush Embroidery Laser Cutter
Laser Cut Embroidery Fabric Toys

Computerized embroidery is widely used by the plush fabric toy industry and deformation of patterns is bound to happen.

To fix this problem,  our smart vision system can realize a deformation template matching mode according to the contours of the actual embroidered patterns.

Compare with traditional manual cutting by scissors, one embroidery fabric laser cutter can replace at least 10 workers.

PU Leather Fabric on Laser Cutting Machine
Laser Cut PU Leather Toys

The laser cutting machine can offer stable operation, high speed, and flexibility in cutting and engraving PU leather toys.

150W+ laser tube power is highly recommended for this application.

Laser Cut Plain Fabric Toys
Your Reliable Laser Cut Toy Machines Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a professional toy laser cutting machine manufacturer with more than 12 years of experience. We are also a qualified laser toy cut machine supplier with CE, RoHS, and ISO certifications. Kasu offers a wide range of CO2 laser cutting machines to over 50 countries and districts around the world.

  • “Laser-cut toys machine from Kasu allows us to provide customers with custom orders. It also provides quality cut for acrylic tools. Thank you, Kasu!”

  • “I purchased a toy laser cutting machine from Kasu and I never regretted. It boosts my business productivity and efficiency.”

  • “The laser-cut toy machines are high-speed, fully automatic, and provide a very precise cutting. Our business can produce different toys with these machines.”

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