Banner Cutter Manufacturer in China

KASU is a skilled and trustworthy manufacturer in China in terms of banner cutting. We have extensive manufacturing experience, specializing in precise and accurate banner cutter equipment to meet a wide range of customer needs.

  • High-speed operation
  • Stable performance
  • Offer a safe cutting
  • Labor costs are reduced

KASU Banner Cutter

Banner laser cutting is a machine that cuts forms out of paper, fabric, plastic, leather, and other materials. That is timely, safe, and efficient by using Co2 laser. In the advertising sector, the machine is ideal for different banner material cutting and it makes useful, aside from that a compact cutting at the same time. Furthermore, Banner cutting machines operate with excellent results. That can boost cutting efficiency and offers a time-friendly machine that performs very fast and tidy cuts. 

KASU has a high-tech banner cutter that helps users work more easily and quickly. Multiple tests have been conducted on the product quality, and the after-sales system is fully functional. If you have special requirements regarding the banner cutter, you may contact us now.

KASU Banner Cutter Advantages


The banner cutter’s industrial vision technology can identify patterns and cut properly without typesetting, saving the cutting cycle.

More Precise
More Precise

Banner cutters are capable of cutting out designs quickly and precisely. Besides, it performs more consistently and precisely in the workplace.

Strong Power
Strong Power

We equip Kasu banner cutting machine with high-power laser tubes, which will conduct a faster cutting speed for a shorter delivery time.


Made of high-quality raw materials. Furthermore, the solid and robust construction ensures excellent precision and consistency in quality.

Details About Banner Cutter

  • Camera System

A camera system is applied in the banner cutter, which can cut both digitally printed banners or plain fabric banners. The vision and non-vision working modes can coexist in one cutter which helps you save much factory space as well as your money.

  • Single Laser Head and Dual Laser Heads 

The single head model is a very popular model for the banner business. But more and more clients choose to upgrade to the dual-laser-head-in-dual-guide-rails model to get a higher cutting speed cutting both small and big-sized banner patterns.

  • Hybrid Servo Motor

The banner cutter machine has branded hybrid servo motor to ensure better cutting accuracy and more consistent performance.

Details About Banner Cutter
Banner Cutting Machine Different Applications

Banner Cutting Machine: Different Applications

The Banner Cutter is appropriate for the following applications:

  • Cutting banner advertisement materials
  • Stickers, KT boards
  • Posters, 
  • PP paper,
  • Inkjet cloth, etc.

Banner Cutting Features that Offer

Here are some features of banner cutting that include:

  • 5 Cutting Workers Saved. Compared with traditional scissors or hot knife banner cutters, our laser banner cutter is super fast and can replace at least 5 cutting workers for you.
  • Excellent at cutting intricate graphics. It is feasible to cut single-ply materials using banner cutting. That allows for the creation of complex patterns in a variety of materials.
  • Good at cutting stretch fabrics. The edge that has been cut is smooth and clean, it seals automatically. Sealed edges provide a professional finish that eliminates the need for further finishing processes.
  • Completely Intelligent. The automated cutting approach, unlike the traditional cutting method, minimizes the rate of mistakes.
Banner Cutting Features that Offer

Why Choose KASU for Your Banner Cutter

Why Choose KASU for Your Banner Cutter
Why Choose KASU for Your Banner Cutter

KASU is an expert, efficient, fast, and reliable banner cutting machine manufacturer. A banner cutter consists of a working table and a frame that provides support to the cutting head. They are used for cutting materials into plates, sheets, panels, etc. Depending on the cutting material and the manufacturing process. The machines are simple to use and don’t demand any special skills from the operator.

At KASU, we are always improving our products in order to provide the best banner-cutting machine to our global network of customers. We are dedicated to developing optimum configurations for all banner cutters by leveraging our talents and knowledge in banner cutter technology and innovation. For over a decade, KASU has concentrated on research and design, providing an industrial banner cutter with superior quality at a reasonable price. Send your inquiry now.

Accessories and Parts

Kasu develops banner cutting machines with all the necessary accessories and parts with the following:

  • CCD Camera or Canon Camera system
  • Conveyor belt working table
  • Co2 sealed glass laser tube and power supply
  • Air-conditioned water chiller
  • Exhausting fan and optional fume purifier
  • Air pump for blowing and cooling the head
  • etc.
Different Cutting Designs and Types

Shape deformation of patterns will be generated by the fabric printing and heating process. Kasu banner cutting machine’s vision software supports both contour cutting mode (each pattern size is different) and template match cutting mode (each pattern size is the same).

Kasu provides banner cutting machines that can do the following sorts and designs of cutting such as:

  • Banner and Flag Cutting
  • Posters and Display Cutting
  • Lightning Box Cutting
  • Adhesive Sticker Cutting 

KASU - Banner Cutter with Applicable Different Materials

Banner Cutter for Fabric
Banner Cutter for Fabric

For both small and big fabric banner items, precision in measurements and processing is essential to improving quality and finishing. KASU has become the essential partner of banner cutter makers due to its high production capacity and dependability.

  • Smooth, perfectly cut edges.
  • Excellent and reliable quality.
  • No risk to the operator.
Banner Cutter for Leather
Banner Cutter for Leather

KASU banner cutter eliminates the need for costly dies and labor while processing leather, soles, linings, and pattern materials quickly and accurately. 

  • Superior cutting performance.
  • Minimal running costs.
  • A well-designed process provides a speedy payback.
Banner Cutter for Plastic
Banner Cutter for Plastic

KASU banner cutter for plastic has extremely high cutting precision and may save you money on materials.

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Power consumption is quite low.
Banner Cutter for Paper
Banner Cutter for Paper

A banner cutter for paper is a typical ornamental item in modern conversation. To keep up with traditional manufacturing techniques and increase product competitiveness and economic strength, KASU banner cutter satisfies all the cutting demands of paper materials, cutting precision, and quality.

  • Cutting with precision.
  • Saving energy.
  • Low-cost operation.
Expert and Trusted Banner Cutter Supplier in China
Expert and Trusted Banner Cutter Supplier in China

KASU is a one-stop banner cutter manufacturer around the globe. Apart from that, KASU is renowned in the market for designing and producing high-quality banner cutters and providing expert services. Now is the time to submit your request.

  • “Wow! I am impressed with the machines that are owned by Kasu. They are perfect for my upcoming business! Surely my business will get lots of customers because of the machines that were built very well in terms of cutting.”

  • “KASU banner cutting is my ultimate partner in my business. The machine helps me to make my product tidy and presentable because of its clean-cut. KASU, you are the best.”

  • “KASU is very reliable in terms of banner cutting. The machine is very easy and timely to use. Thanks, KASU for making me satisfied and happy.”

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