Shoes Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

For your shoe laser cutting machine needs in China, KASU is your ultimate choice. We supply a wide range of high-speed and high-accuracy laser machines for the shoemaking industry. It can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • Very low power consumption
  • Low initial machine investment
  • Powerful position cutting functions
  • Unrivaled precision

Custom Shoes Laser Cutting Machine for Your Business

Kasu shoe laser cutting machine performs different functions such as cutting, engraving, printing, perforating, etching and marking for the shoemaking industry. These can create multiple styles of pattern design, high precision cutting quality and customized leather shoe products. It offers high speed, high accuracy, is easy to operate and has low maintenance. This machine maximizes material utilization with a no-contact process that reduces surface damage of leather materials. You can save labor and reduce waste using this device.

At Kasu, you can find the best laser technology at the best price. Professional engineers, skilled R&D and an experienced team supports us to provide innovative and durable machines. We offer fast production, delivery, reliable after-sales services, full customizations, and OEM/ODM designs.

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Why Choose Kasu Shoes Laser Cutting Machine

High Speed
High Speed

Kasu manufactures shoe laser cutting machines that feature high-speed cutting and operation. It can work stable and 24 hours running.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The shoe laser cutting machines manufactured by KASU are easy to use and convenient. Equipped with powerful software, and automated operation.

Energy saving

Save energy using low consumption shoe laser cutting machine from KASU. It can work in smart ways while reducing energy cost and labor.

Customized Characteristics
Customized Solution

You can request a custom laser cutting machine suitable for your needs. Kasu specialized in designing the perfect machines for your business.

What is Shoe Laser Cutting Machine?

A laser cutting machine is commonly utilized to cut leather for shoe production. It can also etch crisp and detailed graphics on the product. Laser technology provides no contact processing therefore no mechanical deformation and can reduce the loss.

Our laser equipment is integrated with powerful control software and lasers. All the designs and files are saved in a digital database. It is one of the most essential parts of the footwear business. Laser processing provides a fast-processing speed and high beam energy density. It can precisely cut out the work that the designer desires. KASU laser cutting machines can make shoes dazzling, different, and diverse.

What is Shoe Laser Cutting Machine?
Benefits of Using Shoes Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Technology Application


  • Shoe Upper Laser Marking – laser marking method to the surface of a material. This process engraves a unique design on the shoe, created by the laser engraving procedure.
  • Shoe Upper Engraving & Hollowing – The laser technology is used to cut and hollow out the shoe upper. This process is performed with a precise laser cutting technique with software visuals. The laser cutter flawlessly achieves the blueprint for the ideas of designers, bringing a new and unique shoe style.


Benefits of Using Shoes Laser Cutting Machine

KASU provides high-quality laser cutting machines for shoe industries that offer the following benefits.

  • High-speed production
  • Safe and high-precision cut
  • High accuracy
  • Material-saving
  • Perfectly cut smooth edges
  • Extreme cutting versatility
  • Improved product quality
  • Shorten your production lead time
Laser Cutting Technology Application

KASU – One-Stop Shoe Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

KASU – One-Stop Shoe Laser Cutting Machine Supplier
KASU – One-Stop Shoe Laser Cutting Machine Supplier

KASU is a professional manufacturer of Shoes Laser Cutting machines in China. We have been serving 5000+ global customers for more than 12 years. You can guarantee that our laser cutting machines can provide high accuracy and precision cuts with extreme versatility and stability. All KASU laser machines follow strict quality control and are fully certified to CE, ISO, FDA certifications, and more. These intelligent laser equipment solutions ensure high productivity and improved manufacturing.

Being a leader in this industry, KASU has the capability to produce shoe laser cutting machines to your specific requirements. You can send your idea/drawings and we will create the best machine for your business.

Contact us for more details.

Custom Design Laser Machines

Whether you are a small-volume, multi-variety, and multi-style shoe manufacturer, you can benefit from our shoe laser cutting machine technology. Laser cutting is the best option for footwear manufacturers who want to create bespoke orders with multiple patterns, styles, and quantities of each pattern or style.

KASU will support your OEM and ODM requests. We have an advanced manufacturing lines, high-technology methods, and skilled engineers to design your machine. We can etch the logo of your brand to the product to skyrocket your business.

Features of Shoe Laser Cutting Machine

Kasu shoe laser cutting machine has the following features:

  • Optional projector available
  • Optional camera system available
  • Optional drawing pen available
  • Multilaser cutting heads
  • High-power laser tube
  • Material auto feeding for conveyor model
  • Stable and simple to use

Recommended Laser Cutting Machine

Shoe Upper Laser Cutting Machine
Shoe Upper Laser Cutting Machine
  • BenQ projector needed for fly knitting shoe upper materials
  • Multi-functional cutting tool. ( do the complete cutting, perforating, engraving, etc.)
  • Low maintenance and low power consumption
  • Conveyor model suggested for the roll materials
Shoe Insole Laser Cutting Machine
Shoe Insole Laser Cutting Machine
  • 150w or 200W high-power laser tubes needed
  • Two or four cutting heads suggested
  • Excellent digging insoles and buttonholes
  • Fxied honeycomb working table suggested
Shoe Pad Laser Cutting Machine
Shoe Pad Laser Cutting Machine
  • Conveyor models are suggested
  • Adapt to flat or curved surface
  • Easy operation, stable laser device, and low maintenance
Shoe Accessories Laser Cutting Machine
Shoe Accessories Laser Cutting Machine
  • Camera system needed for embroidery or printed shoe accessories
  • Accurate and smooth running speed
  • Unlimited design and form freedom
  • Repeat-ability of cutting result can reach down to zero error.
Kasu – Your Trusted Shoe Laser Cutter Manufacturer
Kasu – Your Trusted Shoe Laser Cutter Manufacturer

Kasu pride itself on the production of high-speed, high productivity, and high-accuracy laser cutting machine. We support various industries with perfect laser technology for 12+ years. All machines undergo strict quality control and inspection, guaranteeing stable performance and durability.

  • “I really enjoy working with KASU. They provide reliable shoe laser cutting machines that are perfect for my business. These machines are obviously made from high-quality metal and components. Offer very precise cutting and engraving.”

  • “KASU is a professional shoe laser cutting machine supplier in China that helps our business be more productive and efficient. Their laser machine technology satisfies my company’s needs and long-lasts. Unmatched products and services are here! Thank you, KASU.”

  • “I highly recommend Kasu as a dependable manufacturer of high-quality, high-speed,  material-saving, and multi-functional shoe laser cutting machines. They have unrivaled customer service and after-sales.”

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