• KASU Laser Kd Series Top Canon 1500d Camera
  • KASU Laser Control Board
  • KASU Laser Kd Series Top Canon 1500d Camera
  • KASU Laser Control Board

KDC-1614S CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutting Machine With Top Camera

KDC-1614S CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutting Machine with Top Camera, featuring a high-quality glass Co2 laser tube. The galvanometer system ensures precision with high-quality perforation, kiss-cutting, and swift cutting of textiles, polyurethane, and vinyl materials. The X-Y gantry system further expands possibilities, enabling the processing of wider material widths. With automatic feeding system and powerful positioning system. Elevate your projects with the power of precision and versatility embodied in this state-of-the-art laser cutting machine.

  • High Accuracy and Precision Cuts
  • Smart Motion Structure Design Meet Multi-Industry Needs
  • Super Low Machine Investment
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
High Processing Speed
High Precision
Good Cutting Effect
Continuous Working Mode

CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutter Solution

KDC-1614S CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated system provides high speed leather fabric perforation engraving, hot stamping film half-cut processing, while the X-Y mobile structure design realizes a larger range of material processing and handling at a lower cost.

KDC-1614S CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutting Machine adopts industrial camera for splicing and calibrating, full servo motor, precision grinding linear guide, highly innovative and integrated, capable of realizing large format splicing and cutting and engraving and hollowing work, with fast processing speed, good effect, high precision and low cost.

Laser Head Single Working Area 1600*1400MM
Laser Type  CO2 Sealed Glass Tube Laser Power 100W
Working Platform Conveyor Belt Optical Aperture 8.5MM
Cooling System  Industrial Water Chiller Repeated Precision < 2URAD
Marking Speed <2500MM/S Positioning  Speed <15000MM/S
Cutting Thickness ≤5MM Max Marking Graphic Size 50*50MM
Working Temperature -15°C-55°C Machine Power <3000W
Supported File PLT、DXF、ETC Power Supply AC220V+5%/50-60HZ
Machine Size 2.62*2.23*2.73M Weight 900KG


Self-Owned Large Vision Software System

KASU owns the full property of the large vision software system. Together with the Canon Camera with 2,400 Mega Pixels, KDC-1614S camera laser cutter’s vision software automates the whole graphic detection and position cutting process.

KASU Laser KD-Series Top Canon Camera

Laser Oscillator Galvo System

Laser Oscillator GALVO System used for calibration can punch, half cut, surface engraving at high speed, with adjustable power, suitable for punching and hollowing out complex and small shapes. This level of accuracy is as high as +/- 0.1mm, which is one of the best you’ll get from laser cutting.

Auto Feeding Conveyor Table

KDC-1614S equipped with a chain conveyor that automatically feeds the web immediately after laser cutting is complete. Together with the optional active feeder, the operator only has to handle the cutting pattern pickup.

KASU Laser Control Board


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Cutter
  • Testimonial
    Adam Alson
    Washington D.C. United States
    I am very satisfied with the performance of this CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutting Machine. Its high accuracy and efficiency are truly impressive. It has taken my work to a whole new level and I am very pleased with the results. Highly recommend it for cutting!
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How KASU Support Your Business

Our team has excellent R & D manufacturing team, developed the company’s unique vision software, with the use of the machine also has an excellent after-sales team to support your purchase of the machine after all the after-sales business, to do not have to worry about after-sales problems, the team 24 hours online guidance, welcome to use!


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