KASU – Your Solution Provider of Mat Laser Cutter

KASU is a leading manufacturer of mat laser cutters that is specifically ideal for cutting, perforating, and engraving different types of materials. It can provide multi-cutting functions, versatility, and smooth-cut edges.

  • High-speed and high-accuracy
  • Increase productivity
  • Shorten your production time
  • Low manpower costs

KASU Mat Laser Cutter

Mat laser cutter machine is very ideal for cutting commercial carpets and industrial carpets. But in some cases, a carpet made of synthetic materials is cut little and the laser’s heat will act for sealing the edges for fraying prevention. Our laser product provides a solution for different applications of specialized carpets such as aircraft, motor coaches, and some small footage applications.

KASU company is a provider of a wide range of laser cutter equipment for different industries around the world. We become a trusted partner of some companies in their production of various mats. Our company has received some certifications and passed CE and FDA quality standards.

Why Mat Laser Cutter

Premium Material
Premium Material

KASU mat laser cutter and engraving equipment are made with premium materials and provide oil, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

Wide Applications
Wide Applications

Our laser and engraving machine can be used to cut and engrave various types of mat materials such as leather, fabric, and plastic.


With our innovative and advanced technology laser cutter machine for a mat, you can produce a precise mat with perfect output.


KASU supports a customized design solution of laser cutter machines with high precision manufacturing and high-quality standards.

Applicable Laser Processes for Mat

For producing mat products, laser cutting is not enough. It requires other processes to become a finished product. These are the three laser processes application for mats, rugs, and carpets:

  • Laser Cutting – CAD/CAM systems are applied to laser machines to provide the ability to create some unique designs. A laser can cut any shape or size of leather products and produce standard quality.
  • Laser Engraving – the process of laser engraving produces a texture effect that is similar to branding or embossing and can easily to customize & the special finish desired for end products.
  • Laser Perforation – the beam of the laser can perforate mats with the holes tight array. With this process, a laser can give the most excellent and intricate designs for your mat.
Why Choose KASU for Your Carpet Laser Cutter Machine
Material Application

Different Mat Materials Suitable for Mat Laser Cutter

Our mat laser cutting machine is suitable to cut a wide variety of carpet materials including:

  • Polypropylene
  • Non-woven
  • Polyester
  • EVA
  • Blended Fabric
  • Leatherette
  • Nylon

Your Leading Mat Laser Cutter Provider

Your Trusted Laser Hole Cutter Supplier in China | Kasu
Your Trusted Laser Hole Cutter Supplier in China | Kasu

With over ten years of experience, KASU is a laser technology solution provider in China that is strongly committed to providing and supplying solutions for 5000+ cases. After a decade of continuous innovation development, KASU has become a world-renowned laser machinery manufacturer.

We have built and established our brand advantages and leading technology in the high-end laser equipment manufacturing field. We specialized in the field of clothing, textiles, and industrial fabrics laser applications, and become a leading brand in China.

KASU Laser Factory

We accept material testing to test with our laser technology system because we are composed of a professional team that is always available to help and determine the right tool or laser system for every specific application. Our technician can provide the following:

  • Application Analysis – What power of the laser is needed? What is your system requirement? Can we use an RF laser or a CO2 glass laser?
  • Product and Material Testing – We conduct laser testing using our laser systems to ensure the production quality and functionality of it and return the samples.
  • Application Reports – We are not just only returning the samples process but also, providing detailed reports and recommendations that will help you to choose the right solution for your specific application of industry.
KASU Laser Factory

In KASU, we offer and provide a pre-sales service to our clients such as:

  • Inspection Reception – at any time, we always welcome our customers on visiting our company. Online inspection is also available.
  • Technical Consultations – We provide our clients the price consultation and technical applications via Skype, WeChat, WhatsApp, Phone, and Email. We are also responding quickly to our customer’s questions concerning different materials applications for laser processing types, laser processing speed, etc.

KASU Mat Laser Cutter

Carpet Laser Cutter for Fabric
Composite Mat Laser Cutter

Kasu manufactures composite mat laser cutter that offers smooth cutting edges, high precision, and melted cutting edges. It does not result in tool wear providing constant and steady cutting quality.

  • Perfect and clear cuts
  • Will not cause any material damage
  • High flexibility in contouring without requiring tool change
Banner Cutter for Leather
Leather Mat Laser Cutter and Engraver

Another material that works well with a mat laser cutter is leather. This material offers low-fray so the cut doesn’t require finishing. The mat laser cutter can save time and material. Engraving graphics and designs on the surface of the leather mat also work with perfect performance.

Carpet Laser Cutter for Sublimation Fabric
Sublimation Mat Laser Cutter

We offer sublimation mat laser cutters that are innovatively designed to provide a cheap and smooth cutting. These machines can provide high ROI, increased productivity, and low operator requirement.

  • The top camera system and vision control software assist pattern contour cutting
  • Full capabilities in cutting customized designs
Yoga Mat Laser Engraver
Mat Laser Engraver

Our mat laser engraver offers very high efficiency and high performance. You can also guarantee that it can increase product quality while allowing you to save costs and time.

  • Can engrave different shapes and sizes
  • Suitable for nylon, non-woven, and more mat fabric
  • Offers precise engraving and cutting functions
Reliable and Expert Carpet Laser Cutter Supplier in China
KASU – Your Mat Laser Cutter Provider

Solution for cutting shapes and sizes of various mats, rugs, and carpets? Choose KASU laser cutting machine to obtain such great advantages and benefits for your production industry. With our high-performance and high-efficiency laser cutter equipment, you will surely save time and cost, and improve your production quality.

  • The Kasus’s mat laser cutter machine can cleanly cut various materials for mats and rugs. The adjusting focus of the lens is also very helpful.

  • Our company has owned the CO2 laser cutter machine from Kasu, and we enjoy its wide application and efficiency.

  • All services of Kasu are great! From Pre-sales Service to After-sales Service. I love the way they entertain us as their customers. Not only the service but also their product, both excellent.

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