KMU-5 UV Laser Marking Machine

KMU-5 laser marking machine is an outstanding product of UV laser marking machine series. Utilizing third-order cavity frequency doubling technology, the KMU-5’s UV focused spot is extremely small compared to traditional infrared lasers, with very low thermal impact, significantly reducing mechanical deformation of the material. This makes the KMU-5 particularly suitable for ultra-fine marking and engraving applications. Whether it’s food packaging, pharmaceutical ingredients, plastic buttons, or complex graphics such as electronic components and gift security code marking, the KMU-5 delivers superior performance and precision.

  • Stable performance of the whole machine
  • Low power consumption, no consumables, reduce maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate, maintenance-free
  • Fast marking speed and high efficiency
  • Widely applicable to a variety of materials
High Processing Speed
High Precision
Good Cutting Effect
Integrated Design

CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutter Solution

The CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutter Solution is an advanced marking and cutting system designed to enhance precision and efficiency in various industries. This innovative machine combines the speed of Galvo technology with the versatility of a gantry system, providing superior performance for a wide range of applications.

The CO2 laser delivers precise and clean cuts, making it perfect for detailed marking on materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, textiles, and more. Its integrated Galvo system ensures rapid and accurate marking, ideal for high-volume production and intricate designs. The gantry system offers a large working area, accommodating both small and large projects with exceptional precision.

Q-tuning Frequency 8-70KH Working Width 110mm*110mm
Beam Quality ≤1.1 System Environment Win7/ Win8/ Win10
Laser Type Pulsed Fiber Solid State Laser


Laser Wavelength 355nm
Overall Power 800w Cooling Methods External Water Cooling
Pulse Width 10-50Hz Weight ≤85Kg

Accurate Fabric Marking

The UV marking machine uses a characteristic cold light source with low thermal reaction of the material, allowing precise marking on fabrics without damage. Its high quality marking results make it ideal for fabric marking.

Super Light Spot

The UV marking machine is characterised by its use of a cold light source that produces an extremely fine light spot, making it suitable for high-precision marking work. Whether it fis tiny text, complex patterns or fine detail marking, UV marking machine can be accurately achieved to ensure that the mark is clear and durable.

Adaptable to Many Materials

UV marking machines can not only mark on metal surfaces, but also accurately mark on a variety of non-metallic materials such as plastics, ceramics and glass. Its multi-material adaptability makes it ideal for a wide range of applications in multiple industries, whether it is electronics, medical devices or daily consumer goods, can meet the marking needs of different materials.


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Cutter
  • Testimonial
    Abdelaziz Ksikes
    After purchasing the Kasu marking machine, our productivity and product quality have increased significantly. The machine is highly accurate and simple to operate, and is able to handle complex graphics and a wide range of materials with ease. The customer service team is professional and responsive, which has greatly helped us grow our business. Highly recommended!
How KASU Support Your Business

How KASU Support Your Business

KASU supports your business with cutting-edge laser marking and cutting solutions. Our machines deliver high precision and efficiency, handling various materials with ease. User-friendly interfaces streamline operations, while our dedicated customer service ensures you maximize productivity and quality. Partner with KASU to elevate your business capabilities and stay ahead in the market.

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