KMF-20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine adopts Rike’s fully enclosed maintenance-free fixed laser optical system. It adopts ultra-high-speed, high-precision scanning galvanometer, dual-axis digital galvanometer converter board and special USB control card for laser.
Special USB control card for laser, good spot quality, uniform optical power density, stable output optical power, powerful control system for powerful control system, vector marking and bitmap marking, support for up to 256 layers of management, support for multilevel user rights management, which can meet the metal laser marking in different industries. It can meet the marking applications in different industries such as metal laser marking, plastic laser marking, food and beverage packaging marking and so on.

  • Adopting non-contact processing, fast speed and high efficiency
  • The markings engraved by laser marking technology are not easy to imitate and change
  • High processing precision, simple operation and easy maintenance
High Processing Speed
High Precision
Good Cutting Effect
Continuous Working Mode

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Solution

The laser marking machine from Kasu offers a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of industries. Its advanced technology allows for precise and permanent markings, making it an ideal choice for food and beverage, medicine, tobacco, leather, packaging, and building materials industries. In the lighting and jewelry sectors, the machine ensures high-quality engravings that enhance product appeal. For yoga mats, cosmetics, and bearings, the laser marker provides clear, durable branding and identification, crucial for product differentiation and traceability.

Moreover, the machine excels in marking electronic components, offering fine, detailed engravings that meet industry standards. Its ability to handle diverse materials with consistent quality and minimal wear makes it indispensable in modern manufacturing. The contactless marking process preserves the integrity of the product, ensuring no damage or distortion.

Additionally, the laser marking machine streamlines the production process with its high-speed operation and low maintenance requirements, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs. Its user-friendly interface and programmability allow for easy customization and rapid adjustments, catering to specific industry needs. This solution not only enhances productivity but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming for excellence in product identification and branding.

Laser Power 20W Repeated Precision ±0.002mm
Laser Wavelength 1064nm Laser Module Life >50000H
Total Power ≤650w Product Weight 100KG
Repetition Frequency 20KHz—100KHz Supply Voltage 220VAC±5%
Mainframe Size 700mm×900mm×1380mm Cooling Methods Built-in air-cooled BUILT-IN
Maximum Marking Line Speed 7000mm/s Operating Environment Clean & Dust Free Or Less Dusty
Minimum Line Width 0.02mm Temperature 10℃-35℃
Minimum Character 0.15mm Humidity 5%-75%
Depth of Engraving ≤0.8mm Support Format bmp,jpg,tif,pit,dxf,ai,etc.


Permanent Identification Marker

Laser engraving or marking lasts a lifetime. These permanent markings or engravings are resistant to light, water or chemicals. Laser markings remain legible for the life of the product. Lifetime markings of serial numbers or model numbers make them useful for a lifetime.

Wide Range Of Applications

Kasu laser markers are controlled by advanced software for seamless graphic design and marking. Its wide range of applications, covering a variety of industries such as electronics, apparel, furniture, leather, packaging, etc., ensures efficient and accurate marking solutions.

High Precision

The KMF-20 can transmit complex designs, graphics, and even tiny symbols or numbers. Since the laser beam is controlled by computer software, it moves and focuses small dots that can follow complex patterns and designs. The accuracy of the material surface design and transfer improves product quality and performance.


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Cutter
  • Testimonial 1
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Very satisfied with this purchase of the Kasu laser cutter! This machine is a great performer, cuts with great precision, is easy to operate and has a user friendly interface. Whether it's metal, wood or plastic, it handles them all with ease and the cuts are very flat. What surprised me most was its efficiency, which greatly increased our production speed. In addition, the customer service team is very professional, patiently answered all my questions and provided detailed instructions for use. Overall, it is a very worthwhile investment and highly recommended!

Advantages Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machines offer exceptional precision, high-speed operation, and low maintenance. They are perfect for marking on various materials, ensuring durability and clarity. Enhance your production efficiency and product quality with advanced technology.

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