KC-600 3D Auto Focus Laser Cutting Machine

KC-600 3D Auto Focus Laser Cutting Machine has high quality, sealed dustproof design, aperture 30mm galvo head 3-axis dynamic focus large processing range engraving and cutting 600*600mm large processing range. Anti-interference isolation design. Compact structure and beautiful appearance, modular design of the device. Simple wiring, integrated design easy after sale and maintenance, all devices are connected by connectors, quickly change devices is possible.

  • The latest 3D dynamic focusing galvanometer system
  • High Accuracy and Precision Cuts
  • Super Low Machine Investment
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
High Processing Speed
High Quality
Good Cutting Effect
Integrated Design

3D Auto Focus CO2 Laser Cutter Solution

The 3D Auto Focus CO2 Laser Cutting Machine has a larger effective processing range than the ordinary marking machine, and has a more detailed processing effect in the same range.
The latest 3D dynamic focusing galvanometer system and software allows the entire machine to support indiscriminate cutting and surface marking for height differences of up to 20 centimeters, and up to 85 degree angles for near vertical slopes. For example, if it is used to cut bra cups, 700 pieces can be produced per hour.

Working Area 600mm*600mm Software 3D LASER
Laser Type  Glass CO2 Laser Tube Laser Power 100W
Galvo Head Aperture: 30mm Power Supply Requirements AC110V~220V±5% 50Hz/60Hz 1Phase
Laser Wavelength 10640nm Pulse Frequency 0-130Khz
Dimensions 2330 X 900 X1450mm Spot Size 0.27mm(600x600mm)
Net Weight 180KG Computer KASU Customized
Working Mode XYZ 3 Axis Dynamic Focus System Operating Humidity 5-95%
Cooling System 5000 Industrial Water Chiller Total Power 1KW


High Quality Galvo Head

2.5-inch high-speed scanning galvanometer system can greatly enhance the engraving effect.

Minimum line width: 0.35mm(500mm area)

Available process types:

  1. Marking
  2. Cutting
  3. Perforating


Super Fine Spot Size

Compared with ordinary glass tubes, the super glass tube marking machine has finer spot size and can achieve the fineness of the glass tube equivalent to the 400mm range in the range of 600mm.

The line width of Super glass tube in the range 500x500mm is 0.35mm

The line width of Super glass tube in the range 300x300mm is 0.18mm


Large Processing Range

Kasu 3D Auto Focus Laser Cutting Machines have a number of different table sizes to choose from depending on cutting needs. Largest available range:600*600mm

Optional range:

①300*300mm (Focus 366)

②400*400mm (Focus 466)

③500*500mm (Focus 566)

④600*600mm (Focus 676)


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Cutter
  • Testimonial
    Andreas Tangemann
    London, UK
    Kasu Laser's machines are excellent, highly accurate and amazingly efficient, meeting all our needs. Particularly praiseworthy is their after-sales service, which is responsive, professional and meticulous, giving us great peace of mind. Choosing Kasu Laser was one of the wisest decisions we have made and is highly recommended!
KASU Laser Factory

Advantages of KASU Laser

Choosing a machine from Kasu Laser is a wise decision. We provide better after-sales service with quick response and comprehensive technical support to ensure that your equipment is always in the best condition. In addition, we customize our solutions to meet a variety of complex application scenarios. Choose Kasu Laser, choose excellent quality and worry-free service.

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