• KASU 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine
  • 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine interior
  • Guideway
  • Operator Control Buttons
  • KASU 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine
  • 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine interior
  • Guideway
  • Operator Control Buttons

KA5-080602 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine

The KA5-080602 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine is a laser cutting machine designed by KASU for 3D laser cutting processing. Self-developed N×360° infinite rotation 3D machining head, high-speed and efficient work with self-developed system.

  • With Manual Teaching And Offline Programming Function
  • Optimize The Cutting Path And Improve The Cutting Performance
  • Maintain A Stable Focus And Normal Cutting Direction
  • Cut Complex Multi-surface And Curved Products


Intelligent System
Cut Complex Multi-surface and Curved Products
Modular Design of Working Parts
Continuous Working Mode

3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine Solution

KASU KA5-080602 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine as a laser processing equipment capable of cutting complex curved three-dimensional parts, is mainly applicable to automobiles, construction machinery, molds, fitness equipment, sheet-metal processing and other fields, the processing of large-scale, complex structural parts to meet the three-dimensional curved parts of high-speed, high-precision processing of high-end laser processing equipment.

XYZ Stroke About 750MM*600MM*200MM Software KASU
Laser Type Glass CO2 Laser Tube Maximum Air Speed 0.5M/S
Laser Power 80W/100W/130W(RF laser as standard) Power Requirements 380V/50Hz
Heads of Laser Single Head Dimensions 1650mm*1650mm*2250mm
Transmission System Servo Motor + linear Module + Rotary Table Repeat Positioning ±0.05MM
Gross Weight About 1T Working Environment Temperature 5-40°C: Humidity: 5%-80%, non-condensing
Laser Tube Cooling Methods Water Cooling Equipment Power About 6.5KW (based on 80W laser tube)


Self-Owned Software System

KASU has self-developed software system for better machine operation. The 3D 5-axis laser cutting machine is equipped with a specialized 5-axis controller and optional offline programming software.

21-inch display

N*360° Rotating Laser Head

Designed to avoid the collision of three-dimensional cutting head, to avoid the dust into the impact of cutting errors, N*360° Rotating Laser Head is to improve processing efficiency.

Configuration Of Working Parts

The working part adopts modular design, users can choose the suitable working table according to the application, at present, there are three main configurations: Fixed Working Part/Single-station Rotary Working Part/Double-station Rotary Working Part.

3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine interior


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    David Greenblo
    Canberra, Australia
    Finally found the perfect solution with KASU Laser. The machine is incredibly fast and accurate. The after-sales response is prompt, with patient problem-solving. Even as a first-time user, there's no need to worry. KASU Laser has become an invaluable and reliable partner in our endeavors!
How KASU Support Your Business

How KASU Support Your Business

KASU Laser is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of laser equipment, integrating laser, precision machinery, numerical control and application software. The company was founded 14 years ago, there are professional after-sales team and engineers experts, is your best choice!

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