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Kasu is a leading supplier of cardboard laser cutters in China. They are used to perfectly cut cardboard/paper materials into your desired paper arts and designs.

  • Guarantee fast-cutting speed
  • Operator-friendly, easy to use
  • Ensures perfectly cut results
  • High ROI, reliable quality

KASU Cardboard Laser Cutter

Cardboard laser cutter mainly uses paper material in production. The laser cutting system uses a laser beam to cut paper into different designs. It works by evaporating the paper quickly. This burning process causes the darkening of cut edges and a little burning odor that dissipates over time. Unlike other similar tools, laser cutting does little to no damage to the paper.

For over ten years, Kasu has provided laser cutting machines to the artwork industry. All of our machines are manufactured under our stringent quality control and management requirements. Custom services are also provided, with short lead times and quick response times.

Cardboard Laser Cutter Advantages


Detailed, precise cuts that are impossible to achieve by hand.

Cost Effective
Fast Delivery

Fast technology allows for the creation of detailed designs in a short period.


For high-volume product designs, consistent cuts are required.

Good quality

Our exquisite machine designs come with prestige quality.

Cardboard Laser Cutter Applications

Cardboard laser cutter produces fine laser-cut cardboards which used for a variety of purposes, including industrial, commercial, and even research.

Laser-cut cardboard can be used for fashion and decoration in papercrafts, packaging, and greeting cards, among other things. It is also utilized as a layer of isolation inside items like speakers and mics. Templates for graphical or solder paste applications are another usage for laser-cut cardboards.

Cardboard Laser Cutter Applications
Cardboard and Paper Laser Cutter The Difference

Cardboard and Paper Laser Cutter The Difference

Cardboard laser cutter only has little difference from the paper laser cutter. The only difference between the two machines is the parameters of the laser cutter.

Cardboard is made out of paper, but their difference is the durability and thickness. Cardboard is more rigid and thicker than paper.

So higher power laser tube like 130W, 150w, or 200W and bigger focal lenses like 63.5mm, 75mm or 100mm are more recommended for cardboard laser cutters as compared with paper laser cutters.

Why Cardboard is the Proper Material for Laser Cutter?

Since more rigid than paper, cardboard is not easy to cut and rarely experiences tear and wear. Using a laser cutter to cut cardboard, on the other hand, offers several advantages and can even be used for more unconventional applications like 3D cardboard artwork. Its advantages include:

  • Faster cutting speed
  • More accurate cutting effect than other cutting methods
  • Support any complicated design
  • No die mode is needed and cutting commands are sent via a computer.
Why Cardboard is the Best Material for Laser Cutter

Kasu – Leading Cardboard Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu – Leading Cardboard Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Kasu – Leading Cardboard Laser Cutter Supplier in China

For over 12 years, Kasu has provided cardboard laser cutters for different laser-cut cardboard products, such as papercrafts, packaging, and greeting cards for any occasion.

KASU is the best place to come if you’re seeking a dependable laser cutter from China or if you’re a manufacturer, importer, or retailer of laser-cut cardboard designs. Our equipment is designed to cut at high speeds and with high precision. From selection of materials to production, we have a competent QC team that inspects and tests every component of the machine. The Kasu cardboard laser cutter is made in accordance with ISO, CE, and FDA standards.

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Types of Cardboard You Can Laser Cut

To make a perfect cutting and engraving of cardboard, Kasu’s laser cutter is suggested of following parameters:

  1. Single or dual laser cutting heads
  2. The effective cutting area ranges from 900*600mm to 1300*2500mm
  3. Fixed honeycomb table or knife blade table
  4. 130w-200W sealed Co2 glass laser tube
  5. Lenses with a focal length bigger than 63.5mm
Cardboard Products Made Out of Laser Cutter

Cardboard is a versatile material that lends itself to laser cutting in a wide variety of industrial applications. The following are a few of the best-known:

  • Laser Cut Invitations
  • Laser Cut Greeting Cards
  • Laser Cut Paper Packaging
  • Laser Cut Businesses Cards
  • Laser Cut Picture books
  • Laser Cut Decorations
  • Laser Cut Craft products

Kasu cardboard laser cutting technology is ready for any of your creative ideas.


Corrugated Cardboard Laser Cutter
Corrugated Cardboard Laser Cutter
  • High power laser tube is suggested for high-speed cutting corrugated cardboard up to 20mm for mass production
  • Double or four laser cutting heads in a single machine are suggested for cutting small-sized cardboard patterns
  • Utilize infrared sensors, responsive, safe, and reliable.
Single Ply Cardboard Laser Cutter
Single Ply Cardboard Laser Cutter
  • Different-sized cutting tables ranging from 900*600mm to 1300*2500mm are customized for your single-ply cardboard applications.
  • Roll-to-roll conveyor model is suggested for single-ply cardboard continuous pattern layout cutting.
  • Made from high-quality alloy material, durable and has a long service life
Mat CardBoard Laser Cutter
Mat CardBoard Laser Cutter
  • Double or Four laser cutting heads are strongly suggested to cut the small-sized mat cardboard sample patterns.
  • Perfect cutting edge for both mat and cardboard materials.
  • Intelligent control and easy to operate
  • Can be personalized to various design functions
Reliable Cardboard Laser Cutter Factory in China
Reliable Cardboard Laser Cutter Factory in China

KASU specialized in the production, design, and distribution of cardboard laser cutters. CE, FDA, and ISO certifications are available. We provide complete after-sale assistance.

  • I just wanted to let you know that the cardboard laser cutters arrived and they look fantastic. Thank you again for your assistance! We’ll definitely keep in touch for the next one.

  • Wow, your pricing is incredible. Our cardboard laser cutter arrived on time, in excellent condition and they were a big hit. We were so happy with the quality and service.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AMAZING SERVICE. I’ve never encountered such excellent customer service!!!

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