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On Wednesday 6th March 2024, Mr. Chen Ji, Vice President and Secretary General of China Sewing Machinery Association, and Mr. Wu Jianmin, Secretary General of Shanghai Sewing Machinery Industry Association, and their entourage visited the Suzhou production base of Shanghai KASU Intelligent Technology Co..

Mr Song Xiang, Chairman and General Manager of KASU Laser, and Mr Ni Biao, CFO of KASU Laser, warmly received them and accompanied them throughout the visit.

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KASU Factory Tour

During the period, accompanied by Mr Song, the party visited KASU production workshop, sampling room, equipment exhibition hall and so on.

Visited a variety of KASU laser intelligent cutting equipment – KASU lace underwear laser cutting machine, KASU dual-rail asynchronous panoramic camera positioning laser cutting  machine, KASU CO2 Galvo Gantry Integrated Laser Cutter and so on.

Through this exchange of detailed understanding of the KASU laser cutting machine related industry applications, market expansion plans, process technology highlights.

Development of KASU

Mr Song introduced the development history of KASU laser, and highlighted that the reason why we have been able to rise in the industry in the past few years is because we have always been adhering to the following principles: research and development, careful and intelligent manufacturing, and heartfelt service.

Mr Chen, Chairman of China Sewing Association, while recognising the achievements of KASU Laser, also hoped that KASU could continue to build on its strengths in R&D and strive for another success; Mr Wu, Secretary General of Shanghai Sewing Association, also praised the rapid growth of KASU Laser and expressed his high hopes for the future development of KASU.

company news
company news

Future Expectations

Mr Chen Ji, Vice President and Secretary General of CCSA, and Mr Wu Jianmin, Secretary General of Shanghai Sewing Association, expressed their hope that through this research and exchange, both parties can deepen their understanding, enhance their collaboration, and contribute more to the prosperity of China’s sewing equipment industry!

Mr Song expressed his gratitude to the two leaders for their care and recognition of KASU, we will continue to plough deeper into the field of intelligent vision laser applications, and is committed to provide customers with a full range of laser cutting solutions, to provide the industry with better quality equipment and faster after-sales service support.

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