Curtain Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a professional manufacturer of curtain cutting machines with high performance. We designed them with high efficiency, convenience, and ease of operation features. You can tell us your desired machine types, and our expert engineers will customize them.

  • Designed with flexible materials
  • Automated control system
  • Fully customizable
  • Wide range cutting capacity

Custom Curtain Cutting Machine

The curtain cutting machines are designed in different types. Traditional curtain cutting machines use knife that runs in machines’ lower areas horizontally. But they can only cut straight lines.

Kasu’s curtain laser cutting machine is specially designed for cutting complicated but fancy curtain curve designs and graphics. The cutting efficiency can be 10 times faster than traditional manpower using a hot iron knife cutter. And a much smooth and clean edge is also generated to add more value to your curtain products.

Kasu can be your constant cutting machines business supplier. With our immense production capacity, we ensure continuous supplies. We guarantee curtain designing machines with high accuracy and precision cuts. Along with our professional engineers using advanced equipment, we provide high-quality machines.

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Why Choose Kasu as Your Supplier

Production Capacity
Production Capacity

Kasu has a complete set of equipment used for manufacturing numerous cutting machines. We assure you of continuous supplies. Our workers made them with features that boost business productivity and quality.


In Kasu, we embrace a machine customization solution that optimizes revenue. Also, it enhances curtain material quality. Businesses save money by using customizable curtain-cutting equipment.

High Technology

With over 12 plus years in the industry, Kasu enlisted the help of recognized specialists, designers, and engineers. Each curtain-cutting machine we manufactured meets relevant quality requirements. 

After-Sale Service
After-Sale Service

In Kasu, we developed a curtain-cutting machine that fulfills the demands of our clients. We employed speedy and knowledgeable after-sales technical support staff. Thus, a quality cutting process is possible.

Benefits of Using Kasu Curtain Cutting Machines

The curtain cutter machines from Kasu provide numerous advantages for your factory and business. Consider the following:

  • Cutting any complicated design with high accuracy
  • Rapidly cut any shape curtain fabrics
  • 10 Times faster than traditional cutting methods
  • Super clean hot sealed curtain edge
  • Super easy to operate
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Few consumables and affordable investment
Benefits of Using Kasu Curtain Cutting Machines
Curtain Cutting Machines for Business

Curtain Cutting Machines for Business

Investing curtain cutting machines for business is one of the excellent decisions to make. Knowing the high demand for fancy curtain products in markets, you can ensure a quick return on investment. 

Kasu can provide the latest cutting machine models you need. We stand out when it comes to excellent care and job professionalism. Multiple industries trust our customization and after-sale services. Our company has different departments that handle various processes- from inquiries to delivering your wished curtain cutting equipment.

How Curtain Cutting Machine Works

How does Kasu automatic curtain laser cutting equipment cut the curtain designs? Check the details:

Step 1: Lay the roll curtain fabric on top of the conveyor working platform.

Step 2: If you need to cut along the contour of some specific graphics or curve designs, you open the Kasu self-developed vision software and activate the camera to shoot photos, and adjust some parameters in the software to tell the software what to cut. (You can skip this step and import the cutting layout file directly into the laser control software for plain curtain fabric).

Step 3: Adjust cutting parameters like cutting speed and cutting power and then download the cutting file to the control card of the laser machine and start the laser cutting.

Step 4: Auto feeding the cut patterns after laser cut and repeat the process.

The whole process can be super easy and automatic.

How Curtain Cutting Machine Works

Kasu -Your Trusted Curtain Cutting Machine Supplier

Kasu -Your Trusted Curtain Cutting Machine Supplier
Kasu -Your Trusted Curtain Cutting Machine Supplier

Kasu became one of the trusted suppliers of various cutting machines worldwide. We ensure that our supply machines have passed CE FDA standards. Our company has increased machine production capacity. That assures our customers endless stocks of machines for business. Purchasing more models can help your customers find their needed cutting machines. Aside from affordability, you can also receive high-quality and durable curtain cutting equipment.

Customizing your machine designs according to your requests is our expertise. Using our offered automated cutting machines will surely enhance efficiency and provides accurate curtain designs in the fastest way. Due to their numerous advantages, a lot of manufacturing fabric industries use such equipment.

You can also be one of those who are satisfied with our offers and services. Communicate with us now!


Curtain Cutting Machines Core Components

The following are some standard core components of laser curtain cutter machines. However, we also customize them and provide their added attachments or accessories. 

  • 80W-200W Co2 laser tube
  • Smart control card
  • Top Canon camera system
  • Mesh conveyor belt
  • Optional active feeder
  • Exhausting fan
  • Air pump
  • Air-conditioned water cooler
  • Hybrid-servo motor and drivers
Suitable Types of Curtain Fabrics

Curtains come with various fabric materials. Below are some curtain fabrics suitable for the cutting machines we offer.

  • Velvet fabric
  • Embroidery fabric
  • Lace fabric
  • Silk fabric
  • Linen fabric
  • Cotton fabric
  • etc.

Curtain Cutting Machine Applicable Material

Velvet Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
Velvet Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
  • Reduce material waste to a great extent.
  • Force-free non-contact cutting results in consistently high cutting quality.
  • Automatic sealing of the velvet’s edge prevents lint or shedding while cutting
Embroidery and Lace Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
Embroidery and Lace Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
  • Cuts the borders of the fabric with high precision and speed
  • Cuts out different shapes to decorate and customize lace curtains
  • Easy to operate and fully automatic.
  • Production line with stable performance

Silk and Satin Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
Silk and Satin Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
  • Beautiful edge for silk and satin fabric generated by heat cutting
  • Makes work easier and speeds up the process
  • Get higher quality products
  • Durable and cost-effective
Linen Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
Linen Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
  • High productivity for especially-designed linen curtains
  • Manufactured in different working widths and different lengths
  • Adaptable and securing high cutting precision.
  • The system is very easy to handle.
Cotton Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
Cotton Curtain Fabrics Cutting Machine
  • Cutting and handling solutions are completely customizable
  • Computer-controlled for accuracy and repeatability.
  • 1mm Cutting accuracy
  • Safe and reliable with safety device
12 Your Expert Curtain Cutting Machine Provider
Your Expert Curtain Cutting Machine Provider

Kasu aims to help businesses increase revenue and production by streamlining their cutting operations. Our stellar customer service can view the curtain cutting equipment’s available specifications. Please send us an email to learn more about how we can assist you.

  • “The stellar performance and extended service time of the Kasu curtain cutting machine make it worth the price. When we started employing this machine, our production cost reduced, thus, increasing our revenue.”

  • “Due to Kasu’s existing innovative cutting solutions and development, they can respond dynamically to our specified market and unique requirements. Their customization capabilities meet and exceed our expectations.”

  • “Kasu provides an individually tailored cutting system for an optimal production process, depending on our wishes and material requirements. As a result, we can meet distinct needs for new markets.”

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