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Kasu Laser Move To New Location

For the continuous development of KASU Team, KASU Team decided to move to a new factory. The new factory is about 35 minutes drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Hub, which is convenient and fast transportation. This relocation will be a brand new starting point for the company’s development, and will create favorable conditions for KASU Team to continue to provide better quality of service and products to our new and old customers.

Kasu team

KASU Team Future Expectation

New building, new workstation, new starting point, new journey. A brand new office environment, bright and spacious office area, neat partition layout of the factory.

Moving to a new location means a new beginning, and in the development plan of KASU, we will continue to uphold the original intention and move forward, KASU will continue to plough deep into the field of intelligent cutting equipment, constantly innovate products, provide better equipment and faster after-sales service support.

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