Leading Large Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu Laser is a leading manufacturer of large Co2 laser cutters with high-precision motion systems, large format material working area, and intelligent control software.

These are designed to cut and engrave for a wide range of materials such as textiles, leather, paper, wood, acrylic, plastic, etc.

  • Stable and reliable to used
  • Flexible and convenient support
  • Offers intelligent software for easy operate
  • Provide maximum power for up to 300W

Custom Large Laser Cutter for Your Business | KASU

Kasu is a professional manufacturer of large laser cutters that are fully tested and assembled to meet excellent build quality. It has full software for easy to operate. We can provide customized large laser cutters that could be used for small or big sewing product manufacturing processes, sign, and advertising makers and many more.

We provide large laser cutters with competitive, excellent performance, affordable prices, and superb aftercare service. Our large laser cutter is stable to use even in 24 hours of operation, energy-saving, energy-efficient, and more. At Kasu, we can offer OEM/ODM services and are FDA and CE-certified.

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Large Laser Cutter Advantages

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

We manufactured large laser cutters which are very easy to use with the help of an operating control panel. It also has a menu-driven liquid crystal display screen and a precise control button for easy operation.

Offers High Performance
Provide Seamless Workflow

The large laser cutter can be seamlessly connected to data workflow to save time and avoid errors in data preparations. Our large Laser cutters are also stable to use especially for the production process.

Provide Seamless Workflow
Offers High Performance

Kasu can offer high-performance large laser cutters for different applications. This cutter can help your business grow, make work more profitable, and increase production capacity.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Our large Laser cutters are very easy to install for different factories, workshops, back offices, or shops. This large laser-cutting machine is CE and FDA-certified to meet all safety requirements.

Large Laser Cutter Features

As a manufacturer of large laser machines, we consider giving different features for different applications including:

  • Provide automatic saving mode and better laser beam quality
  • Optimized stable motion technology
  • Less power consumption
  • Lower operating cost
  • Longer working life
  • Provide ergonomic design and equipped with an intelligent operation terminal
  • Optional CCD or Top Camera technology
  • Optional active feeder and extended pick-up table
Large Laser Cutter Features
Kasu Large Laser Cutter Applications

Kasu Large Laser Cutter Applications

Our large laser cutter makes many different alignments for all kinds of applications. Below is the following application of a large laser cutter:

  • Apparel and Clothing
  • Home Textile and Furniture
  • Advertising and Sign
  • Architectural Model
  • Promotion and Gifts
  • Packaging
  • Shoes and Bags
  • Outdoor
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • etc.

Why Choose Large Laser Cutter from Kasu

Kasu can provide the most popular large laser cutters that are available in a variety of laser tube power, bed sizes, and more. It is perfect for any workshop or craft area due to its powerful tool that can help to make a lot of products in just a few minutes. This kind of machine is highly capable, with high specifications to meet stringent safety check standards.

Our large laser cutter is very capable of engraving design onto slate with ease and can cut complex shapes. It is designed for precise and fast processes in a large format of materials. It has the highest cutting speed to ensure maximum productivity. Kasu large laser cutter can be seamlessly integrated into a pre-press workflow with the help of CAD and RIP compatibility. We can provide a large laser cutter that is applicable to different industries.

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Why choose large laser cutter from KASU

Kasu – Your Trusted Large Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu - Your Trusted Large Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Kasu - Your Trusted Large Laser Cutter Supplier in China

As a trusted supplier of large laser cutters, we always ensure to give a durable and high-quality machine that is used for different applications. our large laser cutter is a comprehensive solution to cut large formats of materials for clothing, home textile, display making, architectural model making, furniture manufacturing, and many more.

We have professional engineers with a lot of experience in planning and making for quality construction of our large laser machine. Kasu can provide large laser machines to give a high production capacity and a one-stop laser machine solution to meet your requirements.

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Features of Our Large Laser Cutter Machines

User Friendly and Provide efficient exhaust system

Our large Laser cutters are user-friendly especially when used for production. It is easy and quick to use with the help of a touch and a button.

The large laser cutter has an efficient exhaust system that provides less contamination, and less flame formation, and can add long life service with the help of an exhaust system.

Used Advance Technology for High Productivity

Kasu used advanced technology to manufacture the large laser machine to provide reliable operation, and the lowest maintenance cost. With the help of our professional engineering team and QC system, we can ensure to give the high-quality design and well-conducted assembly operation of our large laser cutter.

We can offer customized services for large laser machines for maximum reliability, productivity, and calculable operating cost.

High Efficiency and Labor Saving

Our large laser cutter can be equipped with multi-laser cutting heads, which will multiply the production of one set of the laser cutter. It is very convenient to use, efficient, fast, and labor savings.

Software For Easy To Operate

The large laser cutter has intelligent software for easy to operate. We have the latest version of the quick-cutting system that is equipped with track graphics and nesting software to give a high programming efficiency. This machine will always ensure to give cutting accuracy for different products and industrial applications.

Custom Large Laser Cutter to Skyrocket Your Business

Large Laser Cutter for Fabric
Large Laser Cutter for Fabric

The large laser cutter for fabric offers a lot of benefits such as eliminating time and expensive consuming die cost, computer-controlled and automated processing ability, offering excellent consistency and extremely high precision, providing clean cuts and sealed fabric edges with no fraying, and much more. It has a conveyor system that allows automatic transport and unrolling of fabric into the machines.

Our large laser cutter for fabric has a large engraving area. It is optimized for optical path structure and mechanical drive structure which allows for stable machine operation, accelerations, and higher speed, ultimately enhancing a production capacity and superior laser spot quality.

Leather Large Laser Cutter
Large Laser Cutter for Leather

We manufactured a large leather laser cutter machine. The leather large laser cutter has smooth cutting edges, no deformations, and no mechanical stress, can help to save the cost of mold production and preparation time, is flexible and convenient, etc.

It is widely used for shoes, bags, sofas, seat covers, and other large-size leather goods precision cutting.

Wood Large Laser Cutter
Large Laser Cutter for Wood

Kasu wood large laser cutter can engrave and cut a lot of wooden objects such as toys, crafts, arts, gift items, Christmas decorations, custom furniture pieces, wood panels, inlays, school supplies, and so on. It is pretty versatile and can work with many types of wood in different densities and thicknesses.

We have a professional engineering team who always ensure to make a quality wood large laser cutter to meet the requirement of different business owners.

Plastic Large Laser Cutter
Large Laser Cutter for Plastic

Our plastic large laser cutter is expanding in material processing from new product development to high-volume manufacturing. It is able to transform that controlled by precisely regulating the power, cutting speed, and repetition laser beam.

This machine can cut and engrave different types of plastics such as polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS, polyamide, Delrin, polyester, or polyethylene. It is user-friendly, wear-free, easy to use, and can save time.

Large Laser Cutter for Paper
Large Laser Cutter for Paper

We provide a large laser cutter for a paper that offers a lot of benefits when used including high-quality cuts for different paper projects, consistent and precise etching that makes the design stand out, an ideal machine for bulk productions with the high-speed process, and programmable for consistency in every cut.

Kasu large laser cutter for paper can engrave and cut score or perforate papers, pasteboard, or cardboard. It can create greetings cards, gift packaging, logos, photos, etc. Using this can produce a particularly delicate, laser-cut pattern on the products.

Acrylic Large Laser Cutter
Large Laser Cutter for Acrylic

Our acrylic large laser cutter offers different features such as smooth crystal clear cut edge in operations, less waste and breakage due to contactless laser cutting, suitable for all acrylic standard sheet sizes, and so on. This acrylic large laser cutter is widely used in the plastics processing industry, architecture, automotive industry, advertising, and more.

Kasu acrylic large laser cutter can create a glossy and polished cutting edge frame. We can offer greater flexibility and a high-speed acrylic large laser cutter with lower maintenance costs.

One Stop Large Laser Cutter Solution for Your Business
One Stop Large Laser Cutter Solution for Your Business

At Kasu, we always insure to give high quality with great performance in performance of large laser cutters that are used for different industrial applications. We have 12+ years of experience in manufacturing with CE and FDA certification. We also provide fast lead time, 7/24 after-sales service, and fast delivery.

  • “Your large laser cutter is very easy to use and provides a high speed when used in my facilities. I really love it. Thank you so much Kaso and to your team.”

  • “I am very happy with your large laser cutter it very convenient to use especially with a touchscreen which is very good for me. Thank you for making an easy-to-use and accurate system for my business Kasu.”

  • “Thank you so much Kasu for giving me a chance to purchase your products for my business my customer really like it.  I will always choose you Kasu.”

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