Custom Craft Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a leading supplier of craft laser cutters which is the main body that is adopting a welding bed process. It has high chemical strength, is easy to organize during production, and is widely used for arts industry applications.

  • Stable to use and easy to operate
  • Offers low power consumption
  • Can perfectly cut different types of non metal materials
  • Widely used for various industry applications

Kasu Craft Laser Cutter

Kasu is a professional manufacturer of craft laser cutter which offers great attention to detail and can visually enhance works of art. The craft laser cutter can be cut and engraved to reproduce a great detail on a wide variety of materials. It can help to refine works of art with logos, text, images, or photos.

We provide customize laser cutters to meet your specific applications. With more than 12 years of experience, we ensure to give high-quality craft laser cutters to enhance your productivity. Kasu can offer one-stop solution of craft laser machine with CE and FDA certified.

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Craft Laser Cutter Advantages


The craft laser cutter is flexible to use in cutting a lot of different shapes within the same material thickness. It does not require an exchange of tools for a separate cuts.


This is one of the most important aspects of crafting a laser cutter. It is suitable to cut and engrave a lot of different materials that use to make art or crafts.

High Quality
High Quality

We manufactured craft laser cutters made from high-quality raw materials to ensure the best result when used in different industries. It gives a predictable and reliable part.

High Precision
High Precision

Kasu craft laser cutter offers high accuracy and precision to cut different materials. It is one of the primary advantages of a craft laser cutter which gives the best quality results.

Benefits When Using Craft Laser Cutter

There are a lot of benefits when using a craft laser cutter including the following below:

  • Has a software to count laser parameters
  • Known as one tool for all materials
  • Provide the lowest maintenance cost
  • Use advanced technology to increase productivity
  • Provide fast and digital panel
  • Offers cost-effective
  • And many more
Benefits When Using Craft Laser Cutter
Craft Laser Cutter Features

Craft Laser Cutter Features

The craft laser cutter adopts international advanced technology and a unique cutting database to carry out different cutting materials. Below is the following features craft laser cutter:

  • Can cut a wider range of materials
  • Provide faster speed in productions
  • Better quality and lower cost
  • Offer lower power consumption
  • Can automatically avoid obstacle
  • Have a high power lasers
  • Suitable for different industrial applications

Why Choose Craft Laser Cutter from Kasu

The craft laser cutter is the best for starting a business for the arts. It provides strong R&D strength and can provide excellent product quality and standard scientific management. Kasu craft laser cutter can offer small thermal deformations, low noise, high cutting precision, no pollution, and automatic self-cutting.

When using a craft laser cutter we make sure that it can meet a wide application range, high machining precision, good quality, easy automation, flexible process, and more.  We offer OEM&ODM service with 7/24 after-sales service.

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Why Choose Craft Laser Cutter from Kasu

One Stop Craft Laser Cutter Solution to Boost Your Business

One Stop Craft Laser Cutter Solution to Boost Your Business
One Stop Craft Laser Cutter Solution to Boost Your Business

We manufactured a craft laser cutter that can produce a simple for complex geometry. It is able to cut and engrave with a speed of up to 600MM/S. We can provide a craft laser cutter that is available for different options, sizes, performance, and customize systems to suit a wide range of industrial applications.

Kasu has a professional service team who manages and makes our craft laser cutter. It offers different features such as wear resistance, chemical resistance, energy-saving, etc. We can give you a very low power consumption of craft laser cutter.

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Application of Craft Laser Cutter

Craft laser cutters are made to suit the different applications for art. It helps to make a lot of things that use for homes, office, kitchenware, and other materials such as:

  • Plywood puzzles
  • Wooden toys
  • Acrylic crafts
  • Plastic decorations
  • PU leather artcrafts
  • Paper artworks
  • Fabric appliques and accessories
  •  and many more
Craft Laser Cutter Specifications

Below is the following specification for a craft laser cutting machine:

  • Working area ranging from 900*600mm to 2000*3000mm
  • Laser power from 60W to 200W
  • Single, dual, and four laser cutting heads are available
  • Honeycomb, blade knife, and mesh conveyor belt working table available
  • Optional camera system available
  • Straight-line speed up to 600mm/s
  • Supporting up to 20mm thickness materials
  • Cutting precision ±0.01mm

Custom Craft Laser Cutter to Skyrocket Your Business

Wood Craft Laser Cutter
Wood Craft Laser Cutter

Craft laser cutters for wood are widely used for:

  • To cut and engrave different types of wood and make arts
  • Use for advertising and signage
  • To make kitchenware and more.
Acrylic Craft Laser Cutter
Acrylic Craft Laser Cutter

We manufactured an acrylic craft laser cutter that can able to cut and engrave different types of acrylic such as:

  • Cast acrylic
  • Extruded acrylic
  • And other types of acrylic materials
Plastic Craft Laser Cutter
Plastic Craft Laser Cutter

Kasu plastic laser cutter has a lot of features including:

  • Smart control software
  • Can cut and engrave any design
  • Design as your wish
Craft Laser Cutter for Paper
Craft Laser Cutter for Paper

Different advantages of craft laser cutter for papers:

  • Can cut precisely and the finish geometries
  • Have an exhaust system, laser beam guidance, and motion control
  • Easy to operate and can give comfort to operators
Fabric Craft Laser Cutter
Fabric Craft Laser Cutter

Kasu’s craft laser cutter can cut all kinds of different textiles and fabrics with fast speed and high precision such as polyester, nylon, woven, non-woven, silk, satin, linen, denim, cotton, etc.

PU Leather Craft Laser Cutter
PU Leather Craft Laser Cutter

Kasu’s PU leather craft laser cutter can support multi-laser cutting heads with strong laser power, which can conduct quick and high-accuracy cutting. Though the edge can be a little bit yellowed by laser, whether using laser depends on your product requirements.

Enhance your Business with Craft Laser Cutter from Kasu
Enhance your Business with Craft Laser Cutter from Kasu

At Kasu always ensures to give high quality with great performance craft laser cutter that is suitable to cut and engrave different types of arts. We provide 100% sale support, short response time, and fast lead time with full Certification.

  • “I am very happy with your craft laser machine it is very convenient to use together with high-speed features. Thank you for making an accurate system for my business Kasu.”

  • “Your craft laser cutter provides a high speed when used in my production facilities. I really love it. Thank you so much Kasu and to your team.”

  • “Thank you so much Kasu for giving me a chance to purchase your products for my art business including your craft laser cutter. I really like it that is why I will always choose you Kasu.”

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