Custom Plastic Laser Cutter Manufacturer in China

Kasu is a professional plastic laser cutter manufacturer that provides customized machines to meet your requirements.

All our plastic laser cutting machines are high-quality and offer stable performance.

  • Features automatic edge alignment cutting
  • Available in an optional vision function
  • High cutting speed
  • Fast lead time and delivery

Professional Plastic Laser Cutter Supplier | Kasu

Kasu is one of the leading plastic laser cutter manufacturers in China and is committed to providing stable cutting operations. Our plastic laser cutters are designed with high performance to meet your industry applications. Aside from that, We produce laser cutting machines that are used for plastic fabrication such as advertising signs, nameplates, and more.

Besides cutting, our machines can also engrave designs on different plastic materials including PP, PS, PET, and more. Each machine is manufactured through our in-house assembly line to ensure that we provide a cost-effective prices. Our professional R&D team is also committed to customizing each machine according to your specific requirements.

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Why Choose Kasu Plastic Laser Cutter

High Cutting Precision
High Cutting Precision

Kasu offers plastic laser cutters that can provide high cutting precision with extreme accuracy to meet your requirements.


Our plastic laser cutting machines are manufactured with high-speed features to increase your business productivity.

Extensive Applications
Extensive Applications

We offer precision plastic laser cutters that are widely used in different industries including advertising and crafts.


Our laser cutting machines are manufactured with multi-functional designs including cutting and engraving plastics.

Precision Laser Cutting of Plastics

Plastic materials can easily absorb CO2 laser beam energy. Therefore, the material will rapidly heat and vaporized if placed in the laser beam path directly. Plastic material can be cut thoroughly if the laser power is high. Since plastics are able to vaporize quickly, laser cutting these materials can achieve a straight and smooth edge.

Here in Kasu, we offer a broad range of plastic laser cutters such as CO2 laser cutting machines. All our machines are manufactured with full certifications from ISO, CE, and more. We also have an expert R&D team to customize each plastic laser cutter to meet your requirements.

Precision Laser Cutting of Plastics
Standard Plastic Laser Cutting System

Standard Plastic Laser Cutting System

We manufacture a plastic laser cutter that has the following standard structure.

  • High capacity platform size ranging from 900*600mm to 2000*3000mm
  • Fixed table or conveyor working table for both piece-to-piece and roll-to-roll plastic materials
  • Single, dual, and four laser cutting heads are available
  • 80-200W optional glass laser tube power
  • Air pump for removing gasses and cooling cutting heads
  • Exhaust with a very sufficient flow
  • An optional smoke filter system available
  • Water cooling system to maintain a perfect performance of laser tubes
  • Optional up-and-down table
  • Optional camera position system

Safety Considerations During Plastic Laser Cutting

The interaction between the laser and plastic can create particles or gasses. These include volatile organic compounds and will be exposed to the environment. Hence, most plastic laser cutting machines are recommended to integrate with a fume filtration system. An optional fume filter system is also available from Kasu.

Aside from that, plastic materials such as the following are not that recommended for laser cutting if your client cannot accept the yellow edge generated by these materials after heat cutting by laser:

  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS
  • KT Board
Safety Considerations During Plastic Laser Cutting

Kasu – Your Trusted Plastic Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu – Your Trusted Plastic Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Kasu – Your Trusted Plastic Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu has been the leading manufacturer of plastic laser cutters that are cost-effective solutions for producing a wide range of plastic products including nameplates and more. These machines are fully-equipped with advanced laser technology to ensure superior cutting results.

Aside from that, two different functions such as engraving and cutting can be done with these machines. It can cut different plastics such as PP, PET, PA, and many more.

Here in Kasu, we can provide you custom plastic laser cutter that is manufactured according to your specification. We specialize in producing high-performance, stable operation, and reliable quality plastic laser cutting machines. All our machines are fully certified and offered at a very affordable price to support your business.

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Applications of Plastic Laser Cutter

Kasu offers wide range plastic laser cutters that are used to produce different plastic products such as:

  • Vector cutting
  • Polished-edge acrylic
  • Raster engraving
  • Displays
  • Nameplates
  • Control panel
  • Sign-making
  • Industrial application
  • Decoratives and accessories
Features of Plastic Laser Cutter

Our plastic laser cutters are manufactured with different features such as:

  • Smart laser control software
  • High tolerance laser beam components
  • High CO2 laser power output
  • Whole steel bed
  • Unique optical design
  • High-quality hybrid servo drive
  • Stable structure

Laser Cutting Machines for Cutting a Wide Range of Plastic Materials

PET Plastic Laser Cutter
PET Plastic Laser Cutter

Kasu offers CO2 laser cutting machines with high flexibility and precision for PET plastic cutting. We manufacture these machines in different sizes to handle small to large material processing. Our machines offer clean and perfect cutting results with no tool wear.

For digitally printed PET plastic film, a small CCD camera system or top Canon camera system can be applied for high-precision position cutting.

Polypropylene (PP) Laser Cutter

We manufacture laser cutting machines for cutting polypropylene materials. These materials are available in a wide range of thicknesses that range from 0.3mm up to 1.0mm. Its durability and flexibility make it suitable for the laser cutting process.

Polystyrene (PS)
Polystyrene (PS) Laser Cutter

PS of polystyrene is a thermoplastic material that is suitable for laser cutting. This material can be processed with Co2 10.6 micron lasers to achieve a better result. It allows the material to be cut with no discoloration, melted cut edges, and smooth, and clean cutting.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Laser Cutter
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Laser Cutter

We offer different models of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Laser Cutter machines. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can be cut with high precision and quality laser. Safe to use, reliable operation and no maintenance.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Laser Cutter
Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Laser Cutter

PMMA is a thermoplastic polymer that is transparent, hard, rigid, and brittle. Offer superior properties such as lightweight, scratch resistance, high impact strength, shatter-resistant, and more. Perfect for laser cutting processes.  It is easily modified by laser machines. Our team designs the right machine cost-effective and dependable.

Polyurethane PU Plastic Laser Cutter
Polyurethane PU Plastic Laser Cutter

With CO2 laser systems, polyurethane can be cut with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. Without applying pressure to the material, contactless processing ensures quick cutting. Our laser cutters are high-performance, economical, and with full protection.

4x8 Plastic Laser Cutters
ABS Plastic Laser Cutter

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS plastic laser cutter is a high-tech machine, that can make flexible contours and filigree details using contactless cutting. CO2 laser systems are a great tool for precisely cutting and engraving a variety of plastics such as ABS. ABS comes in a variety of colors and is most prized for its toughness and impact resistance.

Boost Your Business with Kasu Plastic Laser Cutters
Boost Your Business with Kasu Plastic Laser Cutters

Kasu is a professional plastic laser cutter manufacturer that has more than 5000 global cases. We are a national high-tech enterprise that offers fast lead time, OEM services, and 100% after-sales support.

  • “Kasu is my no.1 source of plastic laser cutters for my business. The machine provides reliable performance and accurate cutting results.”

  • “Thank you Kasu for giving me a high-quality and stable performance plastic laser cutting machine. The services are also awesome and great.”

  • “Kasu is my go-to supplier of plastic laser cutters that are perfect for my plastic product business. Since I used Kasu plastic laser cutters, my company’s productivity has significantly increased.”

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