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Kasu supplies paper laser cutters specially designed for creating paper arts. Our company has over 12 years of production experience, able us to offer services like customizing and technical support.

  • Guarantees smooth, precise edges cuts
  • Design paper arts as you wish
  • Improves your product quality
  • Ensure same size cut patterns

KASU Paper Laser Cutter

One of the most ideal materials for laser cutting is paper. This is because it dissipates quickly while cutting, making it simple to process. Laser cutting on paper combines great precision and speed, making it particularly ideal for mass manufacturing of complex geometries.

Different types of laser systems for paper cutting are available at KASU, and they can be customized to your preferences. You may rest assured that the machines we offer are compliant with international quality standards such as RoHS, CE, and FDA. We provide speedy production, shipment, and after-sales support.

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Paper Laser Cutter Advantages


Kasu paper laser cutter is entirely automated. It is simple to use and decreases the number of operators required.


Our low-consumption laser cutter for paper allows users to save energy while lowering labor and energy costs.


Our paper laser cutter is designed with unique practical characteristics that make it ideal for cutting any paper material.


KASU can adapt the laser cutter to your exact design, size, custom labeling, and other requirements.

How Does Paper Laser Cutter Works?

Paper laser cutting machine operates by focusing a single wavelength laser beam onto a material. When light is focused, it quickly raises the temperature of the substance to the point where it melts or vaporizes. The laser cutting head glides across the material in a specified 2D trajectory determined by a graphic software design. The paper material is then trimmed into the necessary forms as a result.

The cutting process is controlled by a number of parameters. However, the laser resolution is affected by factors such as laser power, laser speed, laser tip height, and dots per inch (dpi).

How Does Paper Laser Cutter Works
Custom Paper Laser Cutter Applications

Custom Paper Laser Cutter: Applications

There are many to gain from the application of laser cutting to papers. Among the many products benefitting from precise designs are greeting cards, paper packaging, business cards, and picture books.

Custom-made paper laser cutter serves many industries, such as commercial, industrial, and even research. When used, it guaranteed high-speed and detailed precision cuts.

Perform Smooth and Precise Cutting

Paper laser cutting is beyond compared paper processing methods. High-precision contours are achieved thanks to the laser, and the substrate is not structurally stressed. During laser cutting, the paper is not burned, but rather evaporates quickly.

The machine precisions enable you to cut elaborate lace patterns, fretwork, text, logos, and graphics from any paper product. Its ability to replicate detail makes it the ideal instrument for anyone employing classic dye cutting and paper crafts processes.

Perform Smooth and Precise Cutting

Kasu – Leading Paper Laser Cutter Supplier in China

Kasu – Leading Paper Laser Cutter Supplier in China
Kasu – Leading Paper Laser Cutter Supplier in China

With over ten years of expertise, KASU is a skilled paper laser cutter manufacturer in China. More than 5000 clients throughout the world have used our laser cutting systems.

The Kasu paper laser cutter has several cutting capabilities for cutting both simple and complex laser-cut designs. You may rest convinced that all of our machines can make clean, precise cuts. They can be made in accordance with international quality standards such as ISO, CE, and RoHS. If you’re seeking a trustworthy business partner, KASU is always the best option.

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Many Industries We Serve

Many industry-leading high-tech organizations pick us as their paper laser cutter supplier because our machines have the potential to manufacture precision-cut parts from a variety of materials, including paper. We serve businesses such as:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Biotech research
  • Satellite design
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
Design Your Own Shapes with Paper Laser Cutters

No matter the design, size, shapes, and patterns of paper products, all are possible using Kasu paper laser cutters.

We are so confident in our machines’ capacity to produce superior laser-cut paper components. That is why we provide a 365-day guarantee on all made parts, as well as free repair services.

Please feel free to contact us for your specific needs.



The paper laser cutter ensures uniform laser-cut results. These machines are easy to operate, user-friendly, have high cutting speed, high efficiency, ensure no danger, have low maintenance cost, have simple maintenance, and have excellent wear resistance. When added to your warehouse, it consumes little factory space. Truly a space-saver!

Card paper laser cutter
Card paper laser cutter
  • Card paper laser cutters can create beautiful cuts of invitations and greeting cards, packaging prototypes, and more.
  • High-precision contours and controls on curves and tight corners.
  • Quick and easy process
Kraft Paper Laser Cutter
Kraft Paper Laser Cutter
  • High efficiency kraft paper laser cutter machines
  • Large area fiber laser cutter, smaller footprint
  • Save cost, installation time
Pattern Making Paper
Pattern Making Paper
  • Super-high power pattern-making machines
  • Optimum configuration, different sizes available
  • Full cover, exchange table.
Stencil Paper Laser Cutter
Stencil Paper Laser Cutter
  • Safety, environmental full cover machines
  • Cutting accuracy, work efficiency
  • Safety, ease of use
  • Adopt self-developed user-friendly operation software
Coated Paper Laser Cutter
Coated Paper Laser Cutter
  • Achieve high-precision cut edges
  • Automatic intelligent cutting system
  • Fast production cutting and high-performance machines to meet your needs.
  • Produce a delicate, laser-cut pattern on the end product
Wall Paper laser cutter
Wall Paper laser cutter
  • Provides solutions of corresponding automatic system technologies.
  • Very easy to cut wallpaper materials
  • A cost-effective intelligent device that meets all your creative processing
  • High efficiency, automation and wide applicability of cutting materials
Sublimation Paper Laser Cutteer
Sublimation Paper Laser Cutter
  • Constructed with conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuous
  • Saving time and improving production speed
  • Ideal for cutting sublimation paper in all shapes and sizes
Embroidery Paper Laser Cutter
Embroidery Paper Laser Cutter
  • Offer high-speed and stable cutting process
  • Cut even the most intricate embroidery designs with maximum precision and quality
  • Easy to operate – computer digital intelligent program
Your Reliable Paper Laser Cutter Factory in China
Your Reliable Paper Laser Cutter Factory in China

Kasu has more than 12 years of experience manufacturing reliable laser cutting systems, like paper laser cutters. These are best suited in different industries because of their high speed, precision, and productivity.

  • Kasu paper laser cutter provides a high-efficiency function that is extremely beneficial to our line of business. We’ve been utilizing these solutions for two years.

  • We’ve been hunting for a high-quality paper laser cutter machine at an inexpensive price for a long time. Kasu offers us this type of gadget at a reasonable price.

  • For us, the quality of the product isn’t enough; other types of services must be outstanding as well. On the Kasu, we discovered the ability of an excellent provider. Kasu team, thank you!

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