• kd1814-sy
  • Power Switch
  • Corrective Active Feeder of KSDT-1812 Hot Iron Template Plush Digital Cutting Machine
  • kd1814-sy
  • Power Switch
  • Corrective Active Feeder of KSDT-1812 Hot Iron Template Plush Digital Cutting Machine

KASU KSDT 1812-SY2 Hot Iron Cutter

KASU Automatic Hot Iron Cutter Replaces the traditional manual hot melt cutting method in cutting plush and composite sponge plush materials, and especially fit to manufacture toys with large amount (more than a thousand plush toys), complex ranging method or large size.

KASU Hot Iron Cutting Machine KSDT 1812-SY2 can replace manual labor to reduce errors smarter and more output to achieve more profit and reduce waste.

  • 30,000-100,000 Pieces Cut In 10 Hours, More Labor Saved
  • Corrective Active Feeder Ensures Fully Automation
  • Continuously Automatic Feeding and Cutting
  • Super Low Requirement of Operators
  • 10+ Years’ Practice Makes Perfection
High Production
Hot Sealed Cutting Edge
All Types of Short or Long Plush Textiles
Continuous Working Mode

Smart Hot Iron Template Digital Cutter Solution

The traditional manual hot melt cutting method is very popular for cutting plush materials due to its many advantages such as hot sealing cutting mode, low cost, and high production.

But the manual workers need to bare holding several kilos of iron templates and standing all day. And the ventilation system is usually poor and workers need to breathe the poisonous smoke generated and withstand the working environment of over 40℃in in summer and minus 10℃in winter without an air conditioner. So it’s getting difficult for factory managers to recruit manual workers. How to balance and solve this dilemma?

KASU KSDT 1812 Hot Iron Cutting Machine is specially designed by KASU Laser to solve problems. It retains all the advantages of this hot iron cutting process, yet perfectly solves the high requirements for manual labor. The digital cutter is so easy to operate and it can automatically complete the whole process of feeding and cutting, saving manpower, materials, and time.

Working Area 1800MM*1200MM Cutting Speed 1600 pieces/h
Correction Precision ±10MM Voltage 220V
Heads of Laser Dual Heads Static Power 90W
Dimensions with Wood Package 2280*2500*1320MM


Hot Iron Board Size Limitation ≤1200MM*1200MM
Net Weight 900KG Smoke Reduction Rate 80%
Template Temp. 800℃ Dynamic Power 2000W


High Precision Corrective Active Feeding System

One of the main reasons why KASU’s Automatic Hot Iron Cutter is widely used in the plush toy industry is that it has a high precision guided active feeding system designed specifically for this industry. The entire cutting machine can be continuously fed and cut fabric continuously without producing any waste.

Teflon Feeding Mesh Belt
Corrective Active Feeder of KSDT-1812 Hot Iron Template Plush Digital Cutting Machine

Smart Hot Iron Template Fixing Device

The headstock is made of a single piece of high-strength galvanized iron that can be raised and lowered. Several strong magnets are fixed on four copper bushings, and then the ironing template is fixed to the iron plate by the strong magnets and moves up and down randomly on the head.

In the middle, if you want to repair the ironing template, you only need to use a little force to remove the template. After the repair, it can be put back into the head to continue cutting without any error. You don’t need to adjust any parameters to ensure that the repaired template stays in its original position.

Integrated Design Especially for Plush Industry

KASU Automatic Hot Iron Cutter It supports ironing stencils of various plush toy shapes and designs up to a maximum size of 1200*1200mm. It integrates an automatic voltage regulator that allows workers to easily adjust the temperature of the ironing template to suit different thicknesses of plush fabrics and different sizes of ironing templates.

Integrated Design Especially for Plush Industry


What Our Clients Say About KASU Laser Iron Template Cutter
  • Testimonial
    Leonard Knox
    We purchased two KASU automatic hot iron cutter 2 years ago and it is still running well. The after sales service is also very prompt. It can be very good to save cost and increase efficiency.

How KASU Support Your Business

Kasu is a Chinese high-tech company with a team of professional engineers. We are constantly innovating, always focusing on the actual needs of our customers and envisioning various ways and means to solve the problems, to do a better job of providing our customers with professional and appropriate services. The laser machine is widely appreciated by customers.

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