2023 Ninth (Linyi) Wedding Supplies Celebration Supplies Expo

Linyi 2023 Cover

2023 Ninth (Linyi) Wedding Supplies Celebration Supplies Expo

July 11th-13th, 2023 Ninth (Linyi) Wedding Supplies Celebration Supplies Expo was successfully held!

KASU Laser attended the show with laser solutions for celebration and wedding supplies. The booth site was very popular. Let’s take a look back at the exciting moments of the show!

Highlight Review

For the first time, we participated in the Ninth (Linyi) Wedding Supplies Celebration Supplies Expo in 2023. While feeling the festive atmosphere of the exhibition site, you can also see the KASU laser booth is eye-catching KASU green!
Professional technical team from KASU Laser demonstrated the perfect and practical laser solutions for festive products to the visitors. The booth was surrounded by a large number of customers who came to consult with us, and we gained a lot!
Linyi 2023 Certificate

While the show was busy, KASU Laser also

received recognition and strong support

from the show organizers!



Exhibited Model

KASU Large Format Top Camera Laser Cutting Machine KD1814-SY

Co2 laser cutter is often used in the textile and fabric material cutting processes due to its many advantages.The large vision laser cutter is the Co2 laser cutter combined with the advanced large vision software system of the KASU laser.

Double asynchronous laser cutting heads installed in dual separate guide rails. Cutting different patterns separately at the same time. One cutter can bring you more profit!

Integrated Design Especially for Plush Industry

Benifits of Using Laser Cutter

Using a fabric laser cutting machine for different textile production can gain many benefits. With a laser cutting machine, goodbye to using scissors or rotary blades for precision. The laser machine has the capacity to cut fabric over and over again in the same way. Whether replicating a lace design in various types of fabrics or cutting hundreds of the same piece of pattern, the laser cutting machine operates the process accurately and quickly.

More Exhibitions

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During Jul.21th-24th 2023, KASU Laser is going to exhibit in 2023 GTE India Garment Technology Expo in India Expo Centre & mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.
APPP 2023 cover
During Jun.18th-21th 2023, KASU Laser has been on 2023 APPPEXPO Shanghai International Canton Printing Exhibition in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.
During Jun.20th-22th 2023, KASU Laser has been on 2023 GPE FESPA Global Print Expo in Messe Munich, Germany.
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