2023 CISMA China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition

Sep. 25th-28th, 2023 CISMA China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition was successfully held! KASU Laser made a strong appearance with its high quality cutting machines and perfect solutions!
During the exhibition, the site was surrounded by people, talking to each other! Based on the high quality of the machine and on-site sampling demonstration and explanation, there are many new and old customers on-site finalization! Let’s take a look back at the exciting moments of the show!

Highlight Review

This exhibition, KASU laser adhering to the concept of service-oriented, product quality as the backing, showing a super-high brand cohesion, KASU shoo all the staff is to maintain full professionalism and integrity of the attitude, to the global wonderful presentation!


Live Video


This time KASU laser with large vision textile and garment laser cutting machine, full-envelope panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine, lace underwear special laser cutting machine and violet light marking machine and other models!

For a variety of textile sewing flexible fabric cutting: printing, embroidery, lace underwear, etc., on-site sampling exchanges, providing a perfect solution!


Exhibited Model One

KASU Large Format Top Camera Laser Cutting Machine KD1814-SY

Double asynchronous laser cutting heads installed in dual separate guide rails. Cutting different patterns separately at the same time. One cutter can bring you more profit! Co2 laser cutter is often used in the textile and fabric material cutting processes due to its many advantages. The large vision laser cutter is the Co2 laser cutter combined with the advanced large vision software system of the KASU laser. It can automatically recognize the contour of the printed or embroidered fabrics, leather, and other flexible materials and then cut with super-high accuracy and efficiency.


Exhibited Model Two

KASU Vision Laser Cutting Machine With Safe Cover KD1814-SY-C

KASU KD1814-SY-C double asynchronous laser cutting heads are installed in two separate guide rails, cutting different shapes of patterns. It supports continuous joint cutting of oversized patterns over 1400mm in length. And the all-around safety cover model is specially designed to meet the government requirements for plant safety.

Exhibited Model Three

KD9014-SY Lingerie Lace Laser Cutting Machine

This special laser cutter independently developed by KASU LASER is mainly used in the automatic continuous, multiple template and cutting of lingerie lace, knitted yarn, and other high-precision automatic positioning cutting.

The whole machine is equipped with a fully enclosed large-sided panoramic camera positioning system to realize the automatic cutting mode of double automatic material delivery, automatic graphic detection, and automatic positioning of lace fabric.

This exhibition has attracted the attention and interest of many customers from all over the world!

KASU Lingerie Lace Laser Cutting Machine KD9014-SY

Your Best Choice

KASU leads in laser signage production for more than 12 years. We offer direct factory supplies with laser sign cutters. From design, and development, to delivery, we provide a one-stop solution for your laser signage. You will get an intelligent laser-cut equipment solution for your business.

With high production capabilities, KASU can fulfill your production requirements. Holding a high market reputation, we can execute the best laser-cut equipment solution. All devices met CE, FDA, and ISO standards. It complies with the required precision, productivity, and efficiency. Need a custom solution? Please contact us today.

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