Now laser cutting technology has become the gospel of the processing industry, laser cutting machine application industry is very wide, for the advertising industry.

Shuttling through the streets of the city every day

Whether it's high-rise buildings or streets

You can see the figure of acrylic billboard

All kinds of acrylic billboards constitute the text landscape of the city

One corner occupies the urban space

Acrylic laser cutting machine cutting acrylic billboard, shaping the city image business card


The impact of laser cutting on traditional cutting industry has been very obvious in recent years. Especially in the advertising industry. Advertising is closely related to our life, covering catering, entertainment, life, communication and other large and small industries. With the continuous progress of society, we also have more requirements for the advertising industry. Laser cutting is very important in the use of advertising industry.

Sign of wanghongdian


In the "camera first" era, the catering industry with the help of the Internet development, emerged a large number of online stores. The signboard is the facade of online Red stores, and its importance is self-evident. Laser cutting acrylic luminous words, let the exquisite signboard strength circle powder, capture people's hearts.

Acrylic creative lamp

Lighting plays an important role in modern home life. The role of lamps and lanterns is not only limited to lighting, but also decorative. Fashionable and simple lamp design is to add light and color to our daily life. Now lamps and lanterns also use a variety of materials, these laser cutting machines can do.

Acrylic three dimensional Wall Sticker

With the improvement of technology, the molding technology of acrylic laser machine is more and more perfect. In addition to the application of various advertising industry, more and more acrylic began to enter the field of home decoration. As a kind of personalized decoration fashion, background wall becomes the most important part of interior decoration. The appearance of laser cutting acrylic wall stickers brings another creative solution for interior decoration.

Wedding invitation

Nowadays, invitation cards have become the media for newlyweds to show their personality and fashion. The old-fashioned invitation cards printed out simply are out of date. However, laser technology can be customized to create personalized and fashionable wedding invitation cards, which makes the wedding different from others because of an invitation with laser elements, and makes friends feel the taste and heart of the new couple because of a special invitation.