At the turn of summer and autumn, it is particularly important to drink a mouthful of hot water at any time. Laser marking heat preservation cup, for you to open the way of autumn health, give you a "Cup" son of warm heart care. 

It's summer and autumn

It is very important to have a sip of hot water at any time

Laser marking thermos cup opens the way for your health in autumn

Give you a cup of warm heart care

Traditional screen printing method:

Some of the toughened glass is first printed with screen plate (high temperature ink) and then tempered, so that the printed pattern is more solid, but the disadvantage is that it is not easy to register colors, and the design and color is relatively less; there is another kind of screen printing is to print after toughening (low temperature ink), the operation is relatively simple, and the cost is lower than high temperature ink, but the disadvantage is that the adhesion is slightly poor.


Click laser marking technology:

Laser marking machine has become the most popular choice of marking patterns. Contrary to the traditional way, laser processing is very fast and accurate. The graphics can be customized by computer programming. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and healthy. It is not easy to fade and has low consumables. Therefore, laser has become a new processing method for cup marking.

Recommended model -- kaxu fiber laser marking machine