Laser cutting woven Mark trademark


Weaving Mark trademark is one of the essential components in clothing accessories, also known as shipping mark, cloth label and clothing label. Textile mark trademark is mainly to show the clothing characteristics of the clothing or related brands, generally has the brand English or logo, has the remarkable characteristic sign, is the product of modern economy.

The ingredients of the clothing mark are generally polyester, cotton fiber or mixed. The traditional mode of cutting will have uneven cutting edge, rough edge and other phenomena, and it is easy to prick the skin.


Kasu laser intimate service, launched a suitable for trademark weaving Mark cutting camera positioning laser cutting machine. As a new processing method, laser cutting technology has been widely used in the field of clothing, home textile and other non-metallic processing due to its high efficiency and high quality.

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1.Non contact processing will not damage the product

2.Stable performance, no wire shedding, ensure accurate cutting and improve product quality

3.Camera positioning image recognition system, automatic edge searching and cutting, cutting at the same time, easy to deal with large-scale cutting

4.Smooth cutting edge, no yellowing, no deviation, good flatness

5.The cutting speed is fast and controlled by computer. It can cut any complex graphics

6.Without human intervention, it can realize continuous recognition and cutting, and improve the efficiency of traditional manual cutting