Set up a table of delicious food and take photos,

What's missing?

It's simple,

Put on a tablecloth or flag


Three meals a day seems to follow the rules

It's the presentation of life

A good time to eat

A warm and beautiful gathering of love

Naturally, it is necessary to create a pleasant atmosphere with table cloth

With laser technology table cloth, spread out a variety of restaurant landscape


The manufacturing technology of laser Excelsior

The combination of laser technology and cloth art

Elegant scenery on the dining table

Will be able to add color to the overall home taste

Kasu panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine


Product advantages

1.Accurate cutting

High precision edge matching cutting

2.The cut edge is smooth

High precision, no yellowing, no peeling

3.Saving manpower

No human intervention is needed to realize continuous identification and cutting. Large area detection of cutting range, compared with traditional manual cutting efficiency