The function of the button is to connect the clothes, which can keep warm and windproof. The button with unique shape will embellish the overall shape. In addition to its practicability, it can also make a finishing touch on the clothing modeling.

There are many kinds of buttons, such as plastic, wood, metal and so on. Different materials have different effects and different processing conditions. Laser processing is used to carve, cut and mark buttons, which can be realized by adjusting the system parameters.

Kasu button laser marking machine uses high-energy laser beam to carve and cut the material surface. The depth of carving trace can be adjusted freely, which enriches the button pattern and realizes the designer's inspiration.

Equipment advantages:

1. According to the characteristics of the button, it is specially designed, accurate cutting, fast processing speed and clear and beautiful marks;

2. It supports direct import of multiple file formats, and can design marking patterns arbitrarily, which is simple and convenient to operate;

3. The product processing quality is high, smooth and meticulous, and the mark will never fall off;

A delicate button can enhance the texture of the whole garment. Button laser marking machine is mainly used for engraving and marking buttons and cutting buttons of various shapes. It can be used in different industries such as metal laser marking, plastic laser marking, bamboo and wood products marking, etc. It is the best choice for button and garment processing industry.

Recommended model -- kasu button laser marking machine