The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control has enhanced the awareness of health in our daily life. Among them, many places have issued the proposal of using public spoon and chopsticks, which is conducive to stop the spread of saliva on the dining table, prevent the cross infection of virus and bacteria from the source, and realize the scientific and effective prevention and control of the epidemic situation.



Eleven disease control experts did an experiment

Compare the bacteria between using and not using public chopsticks

Using "public chopsticks" and "non-public chopsticks" respectively, the maximum difference in the total bacterial count was 250 times

Experts appeal: when dining out, promote the use of public chopsticks


Chopsticks are the items that we will use in our daily life. As we all know, we need to pay more attention to environmental protection and hygiene issues related to the catering industry.

The traditional printing method of chopsticks is generally ink method, which often leads to uneven printing, falling off of words and insufficient environmental protection and health.


For chopsticks manufacturing industry, it is not a good choice. It has been gradually eliminated by manufacturers and processors, and gradually began to use laser marking machine.


Laser marking technology is more green than ink printing. The performance of laser marking machine is stable, and the operation is very simple. It does not need to spend too much manpower and material resources. With its advantages of high speed, high quality and high efficiency, it can improve the health and safety problems on the tip of the tongue.