Now the emergence of laser cutting technology, so that curtains can also freeze beautiful moment. At present, laser cutting is also slowly used in the curtain curtain industry. Compared with the traditional manual cutting, laser cutting undoubtedly improves the accuracy, saves the labor cost and greatly improves the production efficiency.


A decent, elegant and beautiful curtain can not only enhance the color of indoor environment, but also add a wonderful home decoration.

The curtain head is the indoor furnishing in people's daily life, and it is the ornament of home curtain decoration.



Curtain head is also called "window curtain", which can be used together with other forms of window decorations or exist alone. Generally, it is integrated with curtain, which can be a fixed folding curtain, or a single simple movable curtain, which are common accessories for beautifying curtain.


Kasu panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine


Product advantages

1.Cutting accuracy

High precision edge matching cutting

2.High degree of automation

Fast cutting speed, computer controlled operation, can cut any complex figure

3.Save manpower

Continuous identification and cutting without human intervention. Large area detection cutting range, higher efficiency than traditional manual cutting