The canvas bag is loved by people because of its versatile and casual shape, practicality and beauty. The blessing of laser technology, focus on perfecting the details, so that the quality of the canvas bag is higher.

The dirt-resistant and back-resistant canvas bag can be installed and resisted. The inclusive full-scale canvas bag has always been popular in the fashion circle. Not only because of its versatile and casual shape, its practicality is also an important reason why people love it. Practical and beautiful, and many big names are competing to favor it.

The style of the canvas bag should be concise and cumbersome. Convenient to carry, practical and simple to take care of are the primary considerations for the purchase of the canvas bag.

It is not only beautiful but also memorable. Large capacity, you can carry it on one shoulder or in the hand, there are many styles! There are shoulder bags, there are shoulder models, colors and patterns can also be chosen at will. With light colors is fresh, dark colors are on the street, don't be too practical!

Pingyuejie can be casually paired with a canvas bag to demonstrate casual and elegant temperament, and it is both popular and environmentally friendly, commuting, shopping, and vacation can be carried. Put it on your arms and carry it behind your back, and match it with a high-value canvas bag, giving you both freshness and fashion.

Laser cutting technology is not limited by materials and patterns. Personalized patterns can be customized according to needs, fine and fast cutting, high temperature automatic locking, focusing on perfect details. No matter the digital printing pattern, thermal transfer heat transfer, or the cutting of solid color fabric, or the unique design, the canvas bag can easily cope with the stitching of various types of patterns, the panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine.

Product advantages:

1. Fully automatic edge search, automatic along the contour line, continuous and fast cutting;

2. Intelligently handle the pattern deformation during printing or embroidery;

3. Positioning accuracy within 1mm, fine cutting, detail control;

4. The second-level recognition of the pattern within 1.8 meters, quick positioning and cutting;

5. The cutting edges are smooth, no blackening, no burnt edges, and the product quality is high;

6. High-temperature automatic locking without threading, simplify the process and save labor;

7. The operation is simple and easy to use;

Recommended equipment-KASU panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine