Today, with the rapid spread of coronaviruses in the world, the mask industry has ushered in a historical "High Peak". Manufacturers in various industries have joined the "mask manufacturing" army. In today's globalization, "made in China" has become an important part, how to produce masks with low cost and high quality has become a sutdy of everyone ...


40W daily production process guide:

1.Ultrasonic embossing machine


1.Super large-format multi-layer mask fabric with one-time compression type

2.Capacity: 350 pieces / minute / unit, 20W daily output 40W

2.KASU laser panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine


1.The camera automatically matches the edge, cutting and cutting along the edge

2.Capacity: 30 pcs / min / set, daily output 400,000 pieces

3.KASU ear strap ultrasonic spot welding machine


1.Automatic positioning spot welding ear strap, fast, save labor

2.Capacity: 15 pcs / min / set, daily output 400,000 pieces

4.Automatic edge banding machine 


Capacity: 30 pcs / min / set, daily output 400,000 pieces

 5.Utomatic nose bridge machine


Capacity: 30 pcs / min / set, daily output 400,000 pieces

6.KASU uv marking machine


1.Instantly melt and vaporize the surface of the material to form an identification code

2.Capacity: 40 pcs / min / set, 8 sets of 20W / daily output 400,000 pieces

Full  process of mask production →

Packing, sterilization, affixing certificate, loading

KASU Intelligent:

Under the haze of the epidemic in the world today, the production of KN95 masks is facing the difficulty of the high failure, low efficiency of machines, and the scarcity of meltblown cloth.

How to increase productivity and create production solutions

1. In the current mask industry production, the split machines for each process is currently the most mature and more stable solution.

2. It is found by statistics that compared with punching masks punches on the market, using the above solution and using the production of large format material can save at least 30% of the cost of raw materials.

According to the calculation of 400,000 pieces per day, the daily saving of materials exceeds 200,000 RMB! !