KASU fiber laser marking machine adopts Ruike's fully enclosed maintenance-free fixed laser optical system, using ultra-high-speed, high-precision scanning galvanometer, dual-axis digital galvanometer conversion board and laser-specific USB control card, good spot quality and optical power density Uniform, stable output optical power, powerful control system, can be used for vector marking or bitmap marking, supports up to 256 layer management, supports multi-level user authority management, can meet metal laser marking in different industries, Plastic laser marking, food and beverage packaging marking and other marking applications. The machine can be widely used for marking of products and packaging shells in many industries such as food and beverage, medicine, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, lighting, small accessories, cosmetics, bearing marking, electronic component marking, etc.

Product advantages:

1.Easy to maintain        2.High quality        3.Low consumables        4.No pollution        5.Very high cost performance

Technical index:

1.Laser power:10W 20W 30W      2.Laser wavelength:1064nm    3.Total power:≤650W     

4. Working area:50mm X 50mm I 100mmx 100mm 1140mmx 140mm    5.Host size:700mm X 900mmx 1380mm    

6.Marking speed: 7000mm/s      7.Minimum line width: 0.02m        8.Minimum character:0.15mm           9.Carving depth:≤0.8mm   

10.Laser repetition frequency:20KHz ---100KHz13.Product weight:100 Kg       14.Supply voltage:220VAC士5%      15.Cooling method:BUILT-IN        16.temperature: 100°C~35°C    17.Use environment:Clean without dust or less dust    

18.Humidity:5% ~ 75%       19.Support format: bmp,jpg.tif pl,txtiai,etC.o

Applicable materials: metal marking, plastic material marking, dark material marking.