During the current epidemic situation, medical supplies were urgently needed throughout the country, and protective clothing is now difficult to buy. In order to curb the epidemic, the medical supplies production enterprises urgently resumed their work, making every effort to rush to produce medical consumables and other medical consumables.

A lot of non-woven fabrics are used for protection. For the cutting of protective clothing, some factories used to be manually cut, but now it is a matter of urgency. The efficiency of manual cutting is definitely unable to meet the current needs. The cutting equipment produced by Ka laser can be applied to mass production. The cutting speed and accuracy are much higher than manual cutting to meet the factory cutting process.

Among the many cloth laser cutting machines with different functions and characteristics, the automatic feeding laser cutting machine of the Ka laser is an artifact in the cutting of medical protective clothing. In the selection of medical protective clothing fabrics, non-woven fabrics are generally used, which can play the role of "three rejections and one resistance", that is, water, blood, alcohol and antistatic.

For the cutting of non-woven fabrics, the automatic feeding laser cutting machine can achieve the smooth non-woven edge of the non-woven fabric of the protective clothing when cutting. Four-head general cutting of different sizes, different sizes and irregular graphics automatically feeds and cuts.