Is your proofing room like this now? 


                 Are you still typesetting manually?   Are you still copying the cardboard manually?   Are you still cutting the sample fabric manually?


You feel that all the above work allows a person who does not understand toys to learn in 

a day. . . is it possible?

There is still a dream. If you use Kayo's combination of proofing room artifacts, the dream 

will come true not just in case!


    Step 1: Put in the paper pattern                                                 Step 2: Automatic recognition                                              Step 3: Edit samples


Step 4: Optimal layout, generate various reports                        Step 5: Export laser cut sample cardboard                              Step 6: Export laser cut sample fabric


¨ Realize accurate product quotation in 10 minutes:The traditional manual calculation of the quotation takes at least 1 hour, but if the software is used, the time can be shortened to 10-15 minutes, improving work efficiency by 400%. Calculated by working 8 hours a day, the traditional day can count 4-8 sets of article numbers, after using the software can count 20-30 sets of article numbers.

¨ 6 times increase the cutting efficiency of sample cloth:The traditional manual cutting of a set of 20-30 pieces of sample fabric requires at least 30 minutes, if you use a laser cutting machine, it only takes 5 minutes.

¨6 times increase the efficiency of pattern copying:the traditional manual copying of a set of 20-30 pieces of pattern requires at least 30 minutes, if you use a laser cutting machine only 5 minutes.

¨Intelligent typesetting and scientific material saving: the software can automatically find the most material-saving typesetting method for enterprises from a variety of typesetting methods. After the actual data comparison in thousands of companies, the software typesetting results and decades of experience The master of calculation is indifferent.

¨Unify the typesetting standards and reduce the fabric inventory: the traditional planning and ordering department and the production department have no communication, and each has its own policy. The layout methods of different people are inconsistent, which leads to the fact that there are often too many or insufficient fabrics. The layout pattern of the sample can be printed by the planning department to the production department, and the unified standard can greatly reduce the fabric inventory of foreign trade enterprises in particular. In addition, companies with more external processing points can greatly reduce the occurrence of replenishment. 

¨Centralized database management: Through the software, all the model number of the enterprise can be saved in the form of an electronic version, and the data can be called at any time. The actual production materials can be known, and the board is not lost. You can also manage it more conveniently And control the materials used for outbound processing points.

Calculation of return on investment: less than three months.