Shuttle through the streets of the city every day

Whether it is a high-rise building, or a street alley

You can see the acrylic billboard

All kinds of acrylic billboards form the text landscape of the city

One corner and one corner occupy urban space

Acrylic laser cutting machine cuts acrylic billboards and shapes city image business cards


The impact of laser cutting on the traditional cutting industry has been very obvious in recent years. Especially in the advertising industry. The advertising industry is closely related to our lives, covering various industries such as catering, entertainment, life, and communications. As society continues to progress, we also have more requirements for the advertising industry. The use of laser cutting in the advertising industry is very important.

Net Red Shop Sign


In the era of "camera eating first", a large number of online celebrity shops have emerged in the catering industry with the help of the development of the Internet. The signboard is the facade of the online red shop, and its importance is self-evident. Laser-cut acrylic luminous characters make the exquisite signature strength circle powder and capture people's hearts.

Acrylic creative lamp

Lighting plays an important role in modern home life. The role of lamps and lanterns is not only limited to lighting, but more often decorative. The stylish and simple design of the lamps and lanterns adds luster to our daily life. The current lamps also use a variety of materials, these laser cutting machines can do it.


Acrylic wall stickers

With the improvement of the process, the laser machine has improved the modeling technology of acrylic. In addition to the application of various advertising industries, more and more acrylics have begun to enter the field of home improvement. As a personalized decoration style, the background wall has become the highlight of interior decoration. The emergence of laser-cut acrylic wall stickers brings another highly creative solution for interior decoration.


Wedding invitation

Today, invitations have become a medium for newcomers to show their personality and fashion. The old-fashioned invitations that are simply printed are already outdated, and laser technology can be tailored to the wedding to create a personalized and stylish wedding invitation. Let the wedding be a invitation with a laser element. It has become different from the others, allowing friends to feel the taste and intention of the newcomer because of a special invitation.


Sample display