1. Quality Small Laser Cutting Machines Applicable materials: fabric, wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials


  1. Quality Small Laser Cutting Machines Applicable industries: apparel, advertisement, gift, shoes, toys, computers, garments, model cutting, building, packaging, paper industry


Quality Small Laser Cutting Machines Features


(1) Machine structure is of full welded steel, high reliability.


(2) Half flying optical path. High cutting speed, high efficiency.


(3) Top quality guide rail and belt. High performance.


(4) Visual system is equipped with high quality camera, LED lamp, control cabinet and encoder.


(5) Vision System has four functions:


  1. Automatic contour extraction;


  1. Printed Marks positioning cutting;


  1. Stripes and Plaids;


  1. Irregular fabric marker making


(6) Negative pressure working platform ensures the material stays flat


(7)  Bottom exhausting systems




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