In the printing work, the laser engraving machine is a kind of machine that is often used. Today we will come together to understand the characteristics of laser engraving machine and its application.

Laser engraving machine art finishing, the principle is to use computer to design, typeset, and make PLT or BMP files, and then use CO2 laser engraving machine to make laser beam according to computer typesetting instructions. On the surface of apparel fabric with high temperature etching, the yarns subjected to high temperature etching are ablated, and the dyes are vaporized, and different depths of etching are formed to produce patterns or other washing and finishing effects. These patterns can also be modified with materials such as embroidery, sequins, ironing, and metal accessories to enhance the artistic effect.

The laser engraving machine technology is used to organize the denim fabrics to create artistic patterns on the fabrics. These patterns including text, numbers, slides, logos, images can be produced by laser engraving machine to produce horseshoes、whiskers、tattered、worn out and other effects.

At present, the 3D galvanometer denim laser spray laser engraving machine pattern design, parameter selection and operation technology are completed by Golden Laser Textile and Garment Technology R&D Center. Now this technology has been widely used in the areas where the textile, garment and garment industries in Zhejiang、Jiangsu and Guangzhou are concentrated. Some products in the European, Japanese, Korean, and HongKong apparel markets using 3D galvanometer denim laser-jet laser engraving machine laser elements have been added to popular models.

The textile industry is a conventional and large industry. The continuously use of high-tech and conventional industries is an important way to upgrade the technological content of traditional industrial products.

Apparel fabrics are finished by dyeing and printing process, which can get good taking and aesthetic effect. The traditional art-patterned apparel fabrics are mainly made up of a variety of dyeing and processing techniques, so the different dyes are colored on the fibers of the fabric to form a pattern. In addition, the flower pattern of the apparel fabric is formed by other chemical methods or thermal transfer printing or digital printing. However, a large number of traditional textile printing methods, long production process, single pattern, complex process changes and the production process are more related to environmental restrictions, especially the growing demand for individualized artistic effects of apparel fabrics. In view of the drawbacks of traditional finishing techniques, the use of laser engraving machine technology and computer-aided design technology organize the denim fabric and give it a special printing effect, which has an important promotion value.