Some people may not know what is graphene when they see this title. In fact, graphene is also known as a two-dimensional crystal which can be stripped from graphite material and consists of only one layer of atomic thickness. The thickness is only 0.0335 nm, which is only one-twentieth of the hair. It is the basic unit for constructing other dimensional carbon materials. Since graphene is a very thin material of a single carbon atom, it needs to be grown on a substrate to be formed. A typical transparent substrate is PET.

Due to the development of science and technology in recent years, the application of graphene has been paid more and more attention. Many companies have begun to develop graphene products, and the key to research and development is the cutting of graphene. This is often applied to laser cutting machines.

Laser cutting is mainly to cut the substrate, the substrate is cut well, then the graphene is well cut. Our laser cutting machine surpass SLC-M has a good cutting effect on PET substrates.

The good electrical conductivity, transparency, flexibility, mechanical strength and unique electronic properties of graphene film materials which have determined its attractive application prospects in many fields.

Mobile phone touch screen: Graphene touch screen synthesis is harmless to the environment, requires less resources, and with the continuous improvement of production process, the production cost is expected to be greatly reduced to the traditional indium tin oxide touch screen.